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Certain kinds of trash

MAX-O-MATIC Certain kinds of trash 12.02.15 - 21.02.15
de 16,30 a 20h, de lunes a sábado C/ Creu dels Molers 15, Bcn

Certain kinds of trash es la primera exposición individual que Max-O-matic realiza con me & the curiosity y que se inscribe dentro del programa “Invited” de Homesession. A partir del día 12 y hasta el 21 de febrero se puede visitar la exposición en la calle Creu dels Molers 15 de Barcelona.

1. Charla con Valentín Roma “Los ángulos muertos del collage: de Hanna Höch a Osvaldo Lamborghini” – 18 de febrero a las 19,30h

2. Taller de collage con Max-O-matic – Sábado 21 de febrero a las 16,30h – información en

Las dos actividades se realizaran en la sede de Homesession en la calle Creu dels Molers 15 de Barcelona.

Robert Cahen. A selection of video works.

Robert Cahen. (1945, Valence, France) A selection of video works.

Organiza: Institut Français Barcelona Con la colaboración de: Videoakt International Videoart Biennial y Homesession

Miércoles 28 de Enero 2015

Hora: 19:30

Lugar: Auditorio del Institut Français Barcelona C. Moià 8


- Corps Flottants. 13´ - 1997

- L’étreinte. 9´ - 2003

- Sanaa, passages en noir. 7´ - 2007

- Plus loin que la nuit. 10´- 2004

- Dieu voit tout. 11´- 2011

- Blind Song 4´ 2008

“A la Mola". A book by Guim Camps and Caterina Almirall

“A la Mola" is an artistic project by Guim Camps and Caterina Almirall, presented in BaumannLab Terrassa in 2014. La Mola, a mountain situated in Terrassa, Catalunya, is a symbol that identifies the “vallesanos”. It Represents the abstract community of territory belonging. The Mola appear to be in this project an abstract mountain that represents many mountains.

texts : Lluc Mayol, Jordi Mitjà, Laura Fusté and Caterina Almirall

photos : Lluís Tudela

grafic design: Mercedes Mangrané

poster: Guim Camps

Presentation of the book:
Wednesday, January 28th, 19:30 C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

Lola Gonzàlez. 2 films.

Lola Gonzàlez, current resident at homesession will present her latest work and a video realized in Barcelona. Thank to Nook Nook for hosting the event.


Whether writing, producing, or the choice to work with their friends, Lola Gonzàlez works called authenticity, spontaneity and fluidity using constructed and simple visual forms. From the individual to the common, her work questions about the power of the collective, and its limits.

This programme is a collaboration with art 3 (Valence) and receive the support of the Région Rhône-Alpes.

Lola Gonzàlez, born in 1988. Lives in Paris.

selected projects:

Sept 2014 “Conspirations, des conspirations” Sparkasse, Leipzig

June 2014 “All that falls”, Palais de Tokyo, exposición colectiva

Feb 2014 “Adieu tristesse..” La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec

Jan 2014 “Qui boira de ce vin là, boira le sang des copains” Hors-pistes, Centre G. Pompidou


"Winter is coming" 48 min, Vidéo couleur HD, stéréo Août 2014


"TV Pirata" 6 min, Vidéo couleur HD, stéréo Octobre 2014

Réalisation : Lola Gonzàlez Musique Originale : Jérémie Prat

Actors : Ariadna Parreu, Ico Mateo, Antoni Hervas Cortes, Quim Packard

Actors / Singers : Ariadna Parreu, Ico Mateo, Antoni Hervas Cortes, Quim Packard, Bárbara Sánchez, Oriol Fontdevila, Estel Boada Ibern, Beatriz Fuentes Sanchez, Pau MF, Fito Conesa, David Bestué, Anna Pahissa, Consol Llupià, Néstor Català Serra, Marie Charlotte

Desertion of Ideological Circuits

Desertion of Ideological Circuits

To perform this piece the artist Martín Rico has extracted his fingerprints from the right hand through a process of scarification or skin removal. Extractions for each finger have been stuffed and framed for sale through an auction which will be held in Homesession October the 1st at 19.00 h.

The project explores the possibility of pricing and marketing something that supposedly defines us as unique individuals. Moreover it questions the identity as something pre-checked and built by a number of institutions that guarantee certain social construction. The individuals do not produce their identity rather they assimilate them. Scarification sessions reveal the absurdity where there is a long and painful healing process that does not alter the fingerprint traces since they regrow exactly alike.

This activity is part of the Pica i Fuig! program of the Sala d'Art Jove 2014

Wheels of Desire. Gabrielle Le Bayon

"Art Will not disappear into nothingness; it will disappear into everything. " Julio Garcia Espinosa, Imperfect Cinema.

Wheels of Desire is the project that has been developed by Gabrielle Le Bayon during her residency at Homesession. The project focuses on the relation between the daily production and consumption of images on one hand, and our own relationship to reality and to our physical, geographical and metaphorical environment on the other hand. The artist statement underlines that “billions of pictures orbit in cyber space. Together they form a sentence that speaks a collective and communal, personal and informal meaning. Neither original nor immortal, they are the flow of time and swirls of thousands of individual realities and personal truths.” The project, based on the own accumulative practice of the artist, questions the way this hyper consumption shape the physical and conceptual places with which we connect.

Event on facebook.

Opening: Wed, June 25th, 2014 - 19:30

Homesession : C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

exhibition: till 27/06, by appointment only.

I mistook a squid in its ink for the moon in the night. Chika Matsuda

We’re pleased to present “I mistook a squid in its ink for the moon in the night”, a project developed by Chika Matsuda (Nagano) during her residency at Homesession. In the different works that compose the project as well as in the title, Chika Matsuda goes into play on the relation between physicality and abstraction of language. Focusing on the way our voice obeys to cultural patterns, the artist leads an unending investigation to abrade the natural and rational features we assign to the use we make of the body into language. Tongues, spits, noises, uncontrolled swallowing and saliva and collective recitations evokes into sculptures, drawing and video, this research and a possibly alternative grammatical patterns to our perception.

Opening: Friday, April 25th, 2014 - 19:00

Homesession : C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

exhibition: 29/04 + 30/04, 16h-19h30

Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan

Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan 20.03.14 - 16.04.14

a collaboration between Sala d'Art Jove and Homesession.

OPENING 20.03 19.00h Sala d’Art Jove. Calàbria 147. BCN

Debate assembly: Art and social movements: the voice of the curator Miguel Amado, Alba Benavent, Lucía Piedra G, Aria Spinelli 20.03 17.00h

Exhibition curated by Aria Spinelli.

Francesc Abad, Rolando d’Alessandro, Studio Azzurro, Angelo Castucci, Domènec, Fernando De Filippi, Nuria Güell, Ugo La Pietra, Laboratorio di Comunicazione Militante, Leland Palmer, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga, Rhaze, Giovanni Rubino, Roberto Taroni, Claudia Ventola.

The exhibition is the last appointment for the curatorial residency independent curator Aria Spinelli conducted at Homesession in Barcelona. As curator in residence and member of Radical Intention, Aria Spinelli proposed a culturally specific and local investigation in the region of Barcelona. Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan initiates a discussion concerning the relationship between art and politics within a european and local framework. As a tangent project to Radical Intention’s ongoing research, Collateral Effects – Beyond Radical Milan looks at issues that were raised throughout Radical intention’s year-long project Milano Radicale (2011-2012). These issues regard in particular art’s engagement with social movements, the social impact of movements on artistic profession, forms of alternative knowledge and the impact of technology, the notion of the political and its relation to practice.

Event on facebook.

Collateral Effects. Curated by Aria Spinelli

Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan consists in a series of conversations between artists, activists, lawyers and researchers, that will take place at the residency spaces of Homesession, following a general presentation of Milano Radicale Archive at Fundació Antoni Tàpies. The outcome and documentation of Aria Spinelli’s residency will be further shown along side some items of Radical Intention’s project Milano Radicale archive at Sala d’Art Jove in March 2014.

with Nuria Güell, Rolando d'Alessandro, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga, Lawyer Andrés García Berrio, Leland Palmer Collective, Domènec and Francesc Abad

Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan is funded by Loughborough University as part of the practice-based PhD program.


Fundació Antoni Tàpies - January 14th, 6.30 pm: presentation of Milano Radicale Archive,

Homesession - January 21th, 7 pm: conversation Nuria Güell and Rolando d'Alessandro,

Homesession - January 22th, 7 pm: conversation Domènec and Francesc Abad,

Homesession - January 23th, 7 pm:: conversation Leland Palmer Collective, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga and Andrés García Berrío,

Sala d'Art Jove - March: Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan

Homesession : C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec.

Fundació Antoni Tàpies: C/ Aragó 255. Barcelona. Metro Pg de Gràcia.

Sala d'Art Jove : C/ Calabria, 147. Barcelona. Metro Rocafort


"We can't wait for better times” the book launch party!

we can't wait

We invite you to the "We can't wait for better times” launch party, which celebrates six years of projects and will take place at La Poderosa, in Barcelona.

"We can't wait for better times" features the projects that have been seen from 2007-2012 at Homesession as well as pieces in different formats by curators Quim Pujol and Montse Badia and artist Quim Packard. This book is from now on available HERE.

Its presentation on DECEMBER 7 AT 20H30 will gather artists who are, among other, musical artists: it’s above all a celebration of crossover forms and a of dance as a way to invocate futures:


HushHush HushHush is Christopher Kline, American visual artist based in Berlin and works together with the Venezuelan artist Sol Calero. His work was shown at the exhibition Nogueras Blanchard Case Report, curated by L. Sandoval . Both Christopher and Sol have created also a project space in Kreuzberg, Berlin: Kinderhook & Caracas. The HushHush musical project started in 2010 and achieved an amazing reception, with collaborations in Yeasayer tours and numerous performances all over Germany: it’s not that surprising when you know that HushHush launches promises such as converting the stage in a sort of asexual jelly. You’ll have to come to see and check this.

Norman Bambi Norman Bambi is Luc Jolivet. Luc lives and works in Barcelona. A versatile artist, Norman Bambi imagined in 2007, along with Gangpol & Mit and Mami Chan, the Carton Park interactive show for children. In 2007, he also launched the solo album West of space adventures that happily revisits the Spaghetti Western. He is also the author of an LP in collaboration with the barcelonese project Internet 2: You look good today. His relations with the art scene are such, that they become suspicious. Regarding the jelly he might use, we can only put forward that it’s multicolored. DJ set!

Doza Doza is the name of the musical project of Enrique Doza, a Venezuelan artist and cultural activist based in Barcelona. Photographer, artist, collector of magazines and newspapers, fanzines editor, musician and cultural researcher, Enrique opened in 2006 the Gallery/Workshop Tiendaderecha in Gracia, Barcelona, to encourage and promote the work of creators in drawing, photography and fanzines. He also promises a lot, although he fulfills even more.

Andrea Sham Andrea Sham is a Venezuelan - French DJ based in Barcelona. Adept at crossing musics, rhythms and peculiarities, Andrea surfs between acid funky rarities, tamoul electro cumbia and bulgarian exoticism. She’ll instill her passion for quaint and weird compositions as well as for musical patch-ups on Poderosa’s dancefloor! She promises liquified bodies and dance and massive actions in favor of group hysteria.


NyamNyam will provide us the opportunity to enjoy their creativity thanks to their special catering!


December 7 at 8.30 pm! 4 euros with a free drink. Free ticket with a drink for those who have bought, in pre-sale, an exemplar of We Can't Wait For Better Times.

Event on facebook.

Orders of things, Ely Daou & Miguel Lope Inumerable

Orders of things gathers pieces by Lebanese artist Ely Daou and Filipino artist Miguel Lope Inumerable, in the framework of a collaboration with the international workshop of the Metáfora Art School in Barcelona. It focuses on our relation which what is already there and the way we try to both rely on this context and develop a higher autonomy.

Ely Daou’s sculptures and installation represent and generate conflicts with what our rationality assume as perennial evidence or stable order of things. Looking for how to approach the point where the stability is lost, Ely Daou works with the figure of risk as the one that provides a permanente bounce to our vital dynamics.

Normativity is a raw material of the work of Miguel Lope Inumerable, which is based mainly on drawing and expanded drawing. The installation Automation questions the set of guidelines that structures arts education and its scale of valuation. It opens thus a helpful crisis versus the belief in an established order and it does so with a subtle irony that significantly enhances its critical potential.

Opening: Friday, November 15th, 18h00-21h00

On view: November 15 (6-9 pm) and November 16 (5-7.30 pm)

C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec

REC/PLAY: Installation and serie of performances by Thessia Machado

Homesession presents REC/PLAY, a project by resident artist Thessia Machado: REC/PLAY is an installation/instrument built of assorted components harvested from mostly obsolete technologies and toys. The core of the piece is a stripped down double cassete-deck with motor and spindle mechanism. Fabric belts fan out of the rotating spindles and into the space to activate an assortment of sound generating elements – rustling paper, ringing glass jars, tapped wood; teasing out from humble materials their inherent musicality.

Different sonic possibilities of this instrument will be explored in series of collaborative improvised performances with sound artists and experimental musicians.

Each performance will take place at 8pm and will last approx. 1/2 hour. You're requested to be puntual. Limited capacity.

Homesession C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

-> NOVEMBER 8 Maitane Beaumont

-> NOVEMBER 9 Wú:: Collective

-> NOVEMBER 10 Lolo & Sosaku

BIO: Thessia Machado was born in Brazil and now lives and works in NY. Her work investigates the physicality of sound and its effect on our perception of space. In sculptures and interactive installations that have a real-time, live component, the expressive potential is still active and changeable. As a extension of this practice, and under the moniker "link", she’s performs electronic and electro-acoustic experimental music with hand-made and modified instruments.

Thessia’s installations and video pieces have been exhibited in New York, London, Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin and Athens. She has been awarded residencies at Homesession, Barcelona, the NARS Foundation, NY, I-Park, MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Vermont Studio Center and is a recipient of fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts, The Experimental Television Center and The Bronx Museum.

EU Bird Migration Authority, a project by Ian Alan Paul

We're pleased to invite you to the opening of the project developed by San Francisco-based Artist Ian Alan Paul during his residency. The artist has produced a fictional EU Agency entitled "The EU Bird Migration Authority", a fake EU border-security agency specifically tasked with monitoring, controlling and apprehending migrant bird populations. Please join us on Monday, August 26th to see documents, videos, and texts from the agency at the Homesession studio.

More about the EU Bird Migration Authority: "The Bird Migration Authority is a project of the European Union that aims to monitor and mitigate the ongoing migration of non-native bird populations between EU member states and neighboring countries. Using state of the art surveillance and tracking technologies, the EU-BMA not only monitors migrating bird flocks across North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, but also uses predictive algorithms to assist in the apprehension and reduction of foreign species. Tracking and managing the bird populations across the E.U. member states will serve to better protect the European Economy, Ecology, and Society from the threats posed by unregulated migrating bird flocks."

A website accompanying the exhibition ( will be launched on August 26th, the day of the opening.

Opening: Monday, August 26th, 19:30
Exhibition: 26/08 -> 31/08, 17:00-19:30 and by appointment
C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec

The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

"The Evidence of Things Not Seen". Damaso Reyes & Diane Sylvester

The manifestation of faith or rather, its performance as evidence of the unknowable is the starting point for Damaso Reyes & Diane Sylvester's exhibition “The Evidence of Things Not Seen.” The show explores how belief is experienced by individuals and groups in The United States and Europe as well as the dialectic between its intimate nature and the more expansive community that faith builds through the external presentation of internal experiences.

Diane Sylvester's video installation “Jesus Man” documents the steps of an individual who has become over the course of twenty years both a local institution and a street evangelist. Through his daily routine “Jesus Man” is a catalyst of community for what would otherwise be a disconnected and isolated collection of individuals in New York's Manhattan Valley neighborhood. Through this visual and aural experience Diane shares the ritual nature of a religious “performance” that over time exceeds its spiritual starting point.

Damaso Reyes presents an audio and photographic work “Speaking in Tongues” which is based on two years of documentary research examining the rites of Pentecostal churches in Catalonia, England and Ukraine. The images and sound explored how deeply personal and transcendental experiences of prayer is manifested in public expressions of faith. His still images from Spain, England and Ukraine are juxtaposed with the recorded sounds of Pentecostal worship services in Catalonia to allow the audience to temporarily witness how this faith is experienced by some of its most devout adherents.

Damaso Reyes

Diane Sylvester


Homesession C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

from 25/07 to 27/07 - 2013

from 5PM to 7.30PM and by appointment

Your milk eyes: open. Anna Sebastian

Homesession is happy to invite you to the opening of "Your milk eyes: open", an exhibition by resident artist Anna Sebastian. Her works draw on familiar scenes, based a priori on the codes and parameters of daily life, including nevertheless variations that suggest to the viewer an evocation of uncertain fictions. Anna Sebastian uses the pictorial space as a surface for the inscription of an open working process, based on a composition of images inspired by literary and cinematic sources. This sets up a tension in the paintings; the obsessive and aporetic isolation of figures, which are subordinated to the reality of the medium, produces a dissension with the interpretative indetermination creating a distance between figures and their materiality. This sets them in a space of possibilities to which both dream and dys-functional reality leads.

Anna Sebastian (Londres, 1990) has been studying at Goldsmith College and at St Martins College, in London. Her work has been shown in different galleries in the UK (such as 5th Base Gallery-Bricklane or Islington Arts Factory) as well as Europe (HBFK Hamburg or DOX Art center Prague). This is her first exhibition in Spain.

Opening: Friday, July 12 - 2013, 19h30

Exhibition: 13/07 -> 20/07 I Wed->Sat, 17:00-19:30

C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec

"Tras las huellas del delito". by Angie Bonino

The relationship between the information and political projects is at the ground of Angie Bonino's work: the political modernity and, especially, the Nation-State's demiurgic project that aims at constructing a shared reality for a territory and a people, carries with it many contradictions. Among the obstacles, the transnational dynamics of capitalism have a central position, by producing a strong uncertainty about the place and form of the political power.

In this framework, the information overload has favored the emergence of the figure of conspiracy, which constitutes the basis of Angie Bonino's approach, by questionning the relevance of the official story and its mode of production. The artist takes on a political ontology which relies on a reality that would be distributed on a double level: the official one, at the surface, and a deeper level to which a serie of clues and evidence could lead.

The project "Tras las huellas del delito" gives a form to an ongoing investigation through an activist space that connects positions, speeches and hidden intentions: it aims at counteracting "the grammar of normality", a set of rules that promotes the official story as the sole legitimate to deal with reality at a large scale.

Opening: Thursday 30/05/2013, at 7:30 PM

Exhibition: from 31/05 till 8/06, from Wed to Sat, 5 to 7:30 PM

C/ Creu dels Molers 15 bajos, 08004 Barcelona

Sunita Prasad, The Assassin's Last Word.

Homesession is glad to invite you to the presentation of Sunita Prasad's project, The Assassin's Last Word, an exhibition based on the story of Michele Angiolillo, an anarchist who was condemned to the death penalty for the assassination of prime minister Antonio Canóvas in 1897. His last word, "Germinal!", which has since been interpreted in multiple ways, is the main articulation of the exhibition. The show is both an installation and a reading-room based on public participation, collaborations and personal research by the artist. The project investigates the historic fact and its narrative as well as its possible echoes throughout time, from our own context.

Opening: friday, april 19th
Exhibition: April 20th to 27th, wednesday to saturday, from 5pm to 7.30 pm

Jean Barberis: artist talk

We're glad to invite you to the talk that our current resident Jean Barberis will hold at Homesession.

Jean Barberis is a maker, an artist, and a curator but he rarely makes a distinction between the various aspects of his practice. His work almost exclusively revolves around collective initiatives and relational strategies. According to Time out New York, Barberis defies Newton's laws of motion, which the artist consider flattering but slightly exaggerated.

A native of Provence and established in New York since 2000, Barberis co-founded Flux Factory's gallery space and Arts Collective, a project that fosters in collaborative practices and interchange as a base for the creation process. He has also collaborated with collective or project spaces such as EFA, Rabbit Hands, Swimming Cities or Mare Liberum.

Jean Barberis likes to engage artists in the curatorial process and to investigate new territories for creation in relation with the community. This ambition is clearly reflected in his interests that include urban exploration, shoemaking, boat building, and engaging in exchanges and economies outside of the confines of capitalism.

Curator of the project "la Salle de Concert" that will be presented this summer at the Palais de Tokyo, Jean Barberis will talk about the different aspects of his projects and interests.

When: April 6th, 2013 at 19h.
Where: Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers, 15, Barcelona

Sunita Prasad. artist talk.

We are glad to invite you to meet Sunita Prasad, artist in residency at Homesession during March and April: she will present her current projects and will show a selection of videos.

Sunita Prasad's projects draw from her research on social histories and multiple publics, while inserting heightened fictional elements or hyperbolized versions back into those histories and communities online and in public space. She has a special interest in works that are activated live and in physical touch. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Sunita is originally from Syracuse NY and received a BFA in Film & TV from New York University and an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her works have been shown in galleries, festivals, and performance venues internationally.

This event is part of the festival Miradas de mujeres.

Artist talk: Saturday, March 16 at 19h
Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers 15. 08004 Barcelona

Save the date: April 19, opening of Sunita's exhibition.

Dynasty, gaps of a continuous. Jessica Salinas

Dynasty, gaps of a continuous, a proposal by Jessica Salinas, investigates the formal codes related to the reproduction mechanisms of social power. The exhibition display combines documents, architectural features and portraits that refers directly to the sociological question of reproduction and to its aesthetic manifestations.

"Using images of portraits in small format paintings profiling specific social key characters, and projecting videos and documents that establish positions of corporate and institutional relationships, Jessica displays models of social reference for established power networks whose engagement strategies can be recognize, as well as the economic and cultural fields where such things happens." (Francisco Benítez. February 2012.)

Opening: March 27, 2013. 7 PM

Homesession C/ Creu dels Molers 15. 08004 Barcelona

exhibition: 27-31 March 2013.

Open during afternoons.

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