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New artists on the page!

We added three artists on the website!

Gustavo Ferro (Brasil)

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Takahiro Yamaguchi (Japan)

Paradís perdut, Can Felipa, 28/04-19/06

Paradís perdut -lost paradise- is a collective show, curated by Ignacio Somovilla for the Can Felipa Center, that presents different ways to approach the idea of garden, with different languages, in different contexts, with different results. The exhibition doesn't pretend somehow to offer more than a partial, subjective and fragmented vision among the very large artistic creation that stems from the idea of garden.

Paradís perdut offers considerations on the current status of the garden, as a stage and above all as a metaphor, as a place for relations, leisure, contemplation, manipulation, revendication, heterotopy. It includes works by 11 artists: Jordee Ayuso, Silvia Burés i Miguel Urrestarazu, Pau Faus, Jerónimo Hagerman, Julie Houle, Lola Lasurt, Cecilia Martín, Sito Mújica, Mickaël Tramoy (homesession 4th resident), Rubén Verdú.

When: Opening on April 28th at 8pm. Till June 19th
Where: Can Felipa, C/Pallars 277 Barcelona

Mireia Saladrigues in Art Lovers, curated by Oriol Fontdevila, Granollers (16/12- 30/01/2010)

Art Lovers, curated by Oriol Fontdevila, combines two projects that gather new elements to the debate about those participants to the contemporary art processes whose importance is usually considerated as minor in the definition of the art meanings: museums audience, art students, collectors, amateurs etc. All those participants (shall we say art lovers?) have a very underestimated position in relation to the articulation of the artistic field.

Both projects give a central position to those actors: collectors and amateurs for Mireia Saladrigues' project "Inventari d'art" and art students for Anibal Parada's project "Sala Miró". Art Lovers pretends by this way to interfere with the legitimization dynamic and, through this institutionnal exhibition space, with the way meanings and values of what is socially considered as artistic are defined.

Inventari d’Art | Mireia C. Saladrigues
Mireia Saladrigues realizes an art inventory, as if she were creating a local heritage catalogue. In this case however, she registers in Granollers' private houses, the objects and the works their owners considerate as artistic, with an investigation of their meaning aside from their value for the art market and institutionnal field (see picture).

Sala Miró | Aníbal Parada
Sala Miró is an intervention proposal for a classroom that stands for an exhibition space in the University of Barcelona but that is used above all for students appraisal. The intervention proposal will be debated with Granollers high school art students.

When: from 16/12/2009 to 30/01/2010. Opening on 16/12 at 8 pm.
Where: Granollers Art Factory / Fabrica d'Art de Granollers - Espai Roca Umbert Roca Umbert,
C. Lluís Companys 1, Granollers

Mireia Saladrigues, Zoolar Eclipse at Sala Muncunill, Terrassa -Spain, 12/11 to 13/12/2009

Zoolar eclipse forms part of the first Capsula “Curated Expeditions”, which took place in the Zoo in Novosibrick, Russia, and was organized around the solar eclipse on August 1st, 2008

The project is an investigation in progress that studies the reactions of the White-Handed Gibbons during the eclipse. The animals, at first just dozing, observed the visitors at the zoo, who screamed excitedly and deliriously during the celestial phenomenon.

Initial results from the preliminary study were shown at Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art of Helsinki in march. Further results will be shown in November, 2009 at the Sala Muncunill of Terrassa, Spain.

Where: Sala Muncunill, Terrassa, Spain
When: 12/11 to 13/12/2009

Mireia Saladrigues' publication: "El poder de la convocatoria" (the power of the open call)

Mireia Saladrigues will present her new publication: El poder de la convocatòria (The power of the open call) looks at how an artistic project seeks the involvement of the recipients of the work, together with the reasons why people do, or do not, take part in the dynamics of interaction.

To carry out this research, the letters making up the sentence “AQUESTA HA ESTAT LA CAPACITAT DE CONVOCATÒRIA DEL PROJECTE QUE ESTÀS VEIENT” (YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE POTENTIAL OF THE OPEN CALL OF THIS PROJECT) were cut out of bread – it was important that the material should be commonly available and not long-lasting. Each letter was then sent to a person chosen at random from the phone book, asking the recipient to bring the letter to the EspaiDos at the Sala Muncunill in Terrassa so that the sentence could be reconstructed. A dozen of the sixty-four letters sent out were returned.

The main goal of the project was to interview both the twenty-five people who finally came along to the exhibition hall with their letter and also the twenty-seven who did not. The interviews were used to compile the people’s opinions, find out what they do in their free time, and gather other personal information.

The publication contains the conversations that we had, along with some conceptual maps which show what the response of the public was like.

This publication has been produced with funding from Terrassa City Council’s Department of Visual Arts as part of the Punt de Partida (Starting Point) project and from the 2008 publishing projects awards by the Sala d’Art Jove in the Catalan Government’s Youth Secretariat. The author has been mentored by Txuma Sánchez.

Book designed by NODE.

When: june 18th at 8 pm
Where: Sala d'Art Jove de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Julie Guiches: Photographic performance at Central Cafe, Brussels 19/06

Julie Guiches and the OST Collective will organize an "electro-photographic performance" at the Central Cafe Brussels.


Where: Central Cafe, Borgval 14, Brussels
When: June 19th 10pm-2am

Delphine Pouillé at La Ferronnerie Gallery, Paris 26/05-27/06

Delphine Pouillé presents five photographic works in the "Hauts en Couleur" collective exhibition at La Ferronnerie Gallery, in Paris. The exhibition was curated by Pie Setala (Finland) who invited artists from France and Finland: Henni Alftan, Ien Lucas, Delphine Pouillé, Vittorio Roerade, Jérôme Touron



Where: La Ferronnerie Gallery, 40, rue de la Folie-Méricourt, Paris - France
When: Opening on May 26th. Exhibition from May 26th to June 27th

Ramon Guimaraes at Espace Cultural Ample Gallery / Barcelona, from 26-03 to 05-06

The Espace Cultural Ample Gallery presents the individual show of Ramón Guimaraes: Identity Code.

Ramón Guimaraes has developed during last years works focusing on clichés, stereotypes and human relations, always referring to the identity as one of its most important guidelines.

Working with medias such as video, photography, drawings and objects, Ramon Guimaraes uses daily life as a raw material for his work, transforming everydaylife actions, sentences or thoughts, touristic or cultural clichés into real performances. This work allows him to achieve a deconstruction of what this ordinary material implies about us, our feelings and our relations with the outer world.

Deconstruction which remain obvious in the use he makes of the masks, disguise and role-plays gathering ressources such as comedy, surprise and alarming atmosphere. Converting himself (say, his character) into more or less typical or recognizable stereotypes, he plays with the audience and seat ourselves in front of the things as they are: full of prejudices, fake appearances and deceptive freedom. From all the angles Ramon Guimaraes imagines, the audience will attend an image of the way we remain totally stuck in a social conception that's incompatible with the individual freedom we're convinced to have reached.

Where: Espace Ample Gallery, Barcelona
When: opening 26/03 at 7pm. Exhibition from 26/03 to 05/06

Julie Guiches at Femelek Festival, 06/03

Continent Virtuel (Julie Guiches and Benoît Lorent) participate to the Femelek Festival. FEMELEK FESTIVAL presents its 4th edition, as a new reference for electronic music produced by women. The program gathers many live concerts as well as visual actions.

Among the artists, Femelek will present concerts by Sonia Keating, Trash van Traxxx + Lady EMZ, Claudia Carotti, benDita and visual actions by Alba G. Corral, Damako, Julie Guiches, Washing Machine.

When: 06/03
Where: Barcelona, convent de St Agusti

Julie Guiches was the homesession 2nd resident.

Patrick Bérubé, residency at Hangar Barcelona

Patrick Bérubé is currently in residency at HANGAR Barcelona. HANGAR is an artistic creation centre located in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona. HANGAR is, above all, a production centre that offers work space in the visual arts, video and multimedia, access to specialized equipment, and technical support.

Patrick Bérubé was the homesession first resident: his residency's webpage.

Mireia Saladrigues, Zoolar Eclipse at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (Finland), 06/03-07/06

Mireia Saladrigues presents Zoolar Eclipse at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (Finland) in the framework of Capsula Expeditions: Capsula’s cross-disciplinary expeditions, straddling the borderline between art and science, study and marvel at natural phenomena through personal experience. The first expedition was made in summer 2008 to Siberia, where the total eclipse of the Sun could be observed. The base of the expedition was set up at the Novosibirsk Zoo, from which it continued on to the Altai wilderness and all the way to the Moon. Travelling slow, using methods of transport that only moderately burden the environment, is a key aspect of the expeditions.

Mireia aims to understand and find new dimensions of the surrounding world through her research projects. With Zoolar Eclipse she invited one hundred Zoo visitors to actively participate in observing the changes to the animals and themselves during an eclipse.

Where: Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
When: opening on march, 6th at 7pm. Presentation of the expedition at the Kiasma theatre at 6pm.

Rafael Castañer, illustrated books workshop, La Central bookshop, Barcelona 21/02 - 30/04

Rafael Castañer is in charge of a workshop which sets out to develop a narrative work through an illustrated book. The participants will design a special work, with special emphasis on its coherence and quality on the conceptual as well as on the formal point of view.

The workshop will gather invited illustrators , graphic designers and production managers, who will help the participants to discover the differents ways to make the idea of a book come true. With Juanjo Sáez, Elenio Pico, Paloma Blanco.

Where: La Central, Barcelona, C/ Elisabets 6
When: 21/02 - 30/04 (saturday morning)

Margarita Pineda and residents' exhibition at Can Xalant, Mataró, 29/01 - 03/04

The Can Xalant contemporary creation center opens its new diffusion and presentation space with the exhibition of various recent works realized by the artists currently in residence. During the opening, the catalan artists "Les Salonnières" (Laura Cardona, Ester g. Mecías, Cèlia Prats, Meritxell Romanos i Marta Xibillé) will present a performance playing with suitcases and some tea-rooms accessories...

The exhibition will gather works from the following artists: Margarita Pineda, Raül Roncero, Joan Navarro, Aníbal Parada, Antonio Gagliano, Col·lectiu Airvoland, Les Salonnières

idees x moure el MOn, Joan Navarro

Margarita Pineda is one of the artists presented on the homesession website: her page here.

Where: Can Xalant, Carrer de Francesc Layret, 75, Mataró
When: opening 29/01 exhibition 29/01 - 03/04

Guillaume La Brie at the b312 Gallery, Montreal, 09/01 - 07/02

Guillaume La Brie presents its new work at the b312 gallery in Ottawa: la sculpture au pied du mur (sculpture brought to bay / literally: sculpture at the base of the wall). The exhibition includes 4 big sculptures which are placed along the wall in a space that seems to have been submitted to a kind of surnatural force which would have moved and folded up its grounds and walls. The whole installation definitely reminds us of a flat after an earthquake, that would have blurred the limits between the walls and the furniture, mixing them in a strange combination.

Guillaume La Brie La Sculpture au pied du mur

The exhibition implies to follow a route, for the eyes as well as for the body, to discover details and catch the installation as a whole and as a combination of sculptures. With veiled and direct references to Michelangelo, Kurt Schwitters and the ready mades, Guillaume la Brie refers to the way sculpture have been supplanted by installations and environments. Nevertheless, the exhibition refuses any linear explanation for the sculpture's history: the exhibition's space is folded as a metaphor for the art's logic in sculpture, that Guillaume la Brie defines as "anarchy of his own system".

Guillaume La Brie is one of the artist presented on the homesession site: Guillaume La Brie's page.

Where: Galerie B312, 372 Ste Catherine Ouest, Espace 409, Montreal
When: January 9 - February 7

Peggy Bougy at Madeleine Reberioux Cultural Center, Créteil - 17/01 to 20/02

Peggy Bougy and 4 artists of the artists' association "Le Coin" present an exhibition inspired by a litterary exercise, the anadiplosis, which consists in repeatig the last word of a sentence to begin the next one. The order of the artistic realisations was defined by a draw. The artists who was designed for the first intervention, could conceive it without any limitations. The second one had to take account of this initial work to define his creation... and so on till they have created 5 works especially for the exhibition: Passing by there, The left out, Inteference, Tribute to Rauschenberg, Extension of the action in the environment.

The result of this work let appear a plural point of view on the collaboration as well as different approaches, with digital creations, photography, sound creations, drawings, paintings, video.

An exhibition conceived by; Elodie Maïno, Peggy Bougy, Laurence Pascual, Caroline Grocholski, Sandrine Commarmond

Peggy Bougy's work is presented on homesession: Peggy Bougy's page.

When: Opening on January 17th at 6.30 pm /// Till February the 20th

Where: Madeleine Reberioux Cultural Center, 27 av. François Mitterrand, 94000 Créteil

Margarita Pineda at Ca l'Arenas Art Center, Museum of Mataró - 19/12-08/02

Margarita Pineda presents Trazas, an installation using textile containers for construction waste to superimpose unknown memories with her own story. Embroidering the containers, she makes emerge the left out tales those neglected containers could remind us of: desires, symbols, recollection of details.

This installation, waste containers/lights/embroidery can be seen at Ca l'Arenas Art Center / Museum of Mataró.

Where: Ca l'Arenas, Museum of Mataró (C/ Argentona, 64)
When: from december 19th to february 8th

Sebastian Christoffel, new artist on homesession

Sebastian Christoffel, who was the 6th homesession resident, presents his work on homesession. You can find on his page some pics and an extract of his video work as well as a text from dutch art curator Margriet Kruyver.

Ramón Guimaraes performances and videos in LABoral Art Center, Gijón. From 19/12 to 15/01

Ramón Guimaraes participates to the Identidades project, in LABoral Art Center, Gijón. The intention of Identidades is to bring a wide range of creations about the emotional elements and behaviours referring to identity, stereotypes, transexuality, gender etc., we have to deal with in each of the moments of our personal development.

Videoart exhibition
Ramón Guimaraes present the Dialogue video (2008): a metaphor about love and end of love, misunderstandings and interdependence, which plays with the relations of power that constitute most of our sentimental and social experiences.

Ramon Guimaraes Dialogue

Dialogue will be shown as a part of the videocreation exhibition held during the event, from december 19th to january 15th with artists such as Cui Xiuwen, Maria Das Dores or Mariokissme:

- Dani Marti (UK / Australia) Andrea greeted by a pu smile, Under the recining Buddha.
- Blanca Prendes (Spain) En blanco.
- Cui Xiuwen (China), Sanjie.
- Sheng Li& Ji Sheng Li (China).
- Alicia Jiménez (Spain)
- Maria Das Dores (France), Falta
- Rubén Santiago (Spain), Dalí.
- Mariokissme (Spain) Spain Needs a Homo Sexual Monu Mentoo

Maria Das Dores
Maria Das Dores, Falta, video, 2008

Mariokissme, Spain Needs A Homo Sexual Monu Mentoo, video-performance, 2008

Performances festival
Ramón presents also with Mariokissme usuarios2, an action conceived for the performances special night organized at LABoral for the Identidades project. David Oca (Soy), Dominique Sánchez Blanco (Mira como me pongo) or Franco de Toledo (Fashion emergency 2) also present their own performance.

Where: LABoral Art Center, Sala Artagal, Gijón
When: Performances, december 19th&20th When: Videos exhibitions from december 19th to december 15th.

Ramón Guimaraes'work are presented on the homesession webpage.

Guillaume La Brie at CIRCA Contemporary Art Center, Montreal

« L'exposition en cours » held at CIRCA Contemporary Art Center (Montreal) is an experimental project, which consists in a dialogue between three creation process to create a coherent final work. This work will deal with the unexpected situations that can generate a collaboration between Guillaume La Brie, who usually introduces modifications in the exhibition space, Edouard Pretty who works on the marks we let through our actions, and Eric Cardinal who generates original installations through the accumulation of modified objects.

The goal of « L'exposition en cours » is not to present each of those three works but to force the artists to look for a consensus between each of their creations to find a result which would be satsfying on an aesthetic point of view for all of them. This project is above all a system based on a relation between different and special visual experiences.

The idea is not to create a work as a team or to reach an expected result but to set the creation against the absence of any controlled order or rythm as each artist is depending on the works made by the other ones. The only security is the one of the materials and tools we use as well as the one the artist enjoy during his own creation process.

Where: CIRCA, Montreal, 372 rue Ste Catherine O. espace 444
When: till december 20th, opening on december 13th (from 5 to 8 pm)

Guillaume La Brie is one of the artist presented on the homesession site: Guillaume La Brie's page.

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