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Cháchara. 2012/02/09


Cháchara describes itself as "a talk at a given place and time". Homesession is glad to be this given place and to receive, with Cháchara's organizers, three British artists on Thursday, February 9: Maurice Carlin, Gary Leddington and David Price share an afternoon with us, just at the beginning of their residency at La Escocesa, to talk about their interests.

Like in every Cháchara, we invite people to share things that don't relate with their practice at all (or maybe they do) and we'll spend the afternoon eating delicious quiches.


Cháchara es defineix com "una xerrada en algún lloc i en algún moment". Homesession té el plaer de ser aquest lloc i, amb els organitzadors de Cháchara, d'acollir dijous 9 de febrer a tres artistes britànics: Maurice Carlin, Gary Leddington i David Price ens acompanyen una tarda per parlar dels seus interessos, aprofitant l'inici de la seva residència a La Escocesa.

Com per les altres chácharas, invitem la gent a compartir algunes coses que no tinguin que veure amb allò seu (o potser sí) i passarem la tarda compartint delicioses quiche!


Cháchara se define como "una charla en algún lugar y en algún momento". Homesession tiene el placer de ser ese lugar y, con los organizadores de Cháchara, de acoger el jueves 9 de febrero a tres artistas británicos: Maurice Carlin, Gary Leddington y David Price nos acompañan una tarde para charlar de sus intereses, aprovechando el inicio de su residencia en La Escocesa.

Como en las demás chácharas, invitamos la gente a compartir algunas cosas que no tengan que ver con lo suyo (o sí) y pasaremos la tarde compartiendo deliciosas quiches.

Maurice Carlin:

Gary Leddington:

David Price:

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Aníbal Parada. La estrategia doméstica.

homesession was invited by La estrategia doméstica to participate to this new festival.
In the framework of these meetings organized in domestic places, we asked the Argentine and Barcelona based artist Aníbal Parada to interact within the Invited-One-Day programme.
On Thursday 7 of October, at 8 PM, Aníbal will present his work.
See the programme.
7 of October, at 8 PM
Please confirm assistance by email at

Artist-run initiatives in San Francisco

The San Francisco Mission street area features two interesting artist-run initiatives, both of them involved in presenting contemporary art with different statements and principles.

Southern Exposure is a 34 year old, non-profit, artist-run organization dedicated to presenting innovative contemporary art and promoting arts education. Based on the collaboration of volunteers, Southern Exposure develop various programs, such as exhibitions, residencies and on-site creations, auctions, education programs... Featuring solo or thematic exhibitions, Southern Exposure offers emerging artists the opportunity to develop creations in formats and contexts and for audiences they're not used to work with. They also work on public projects, that develop beyond the traditional gallery formats a new way to introduce art in the public sphere, through a selection of curated projects. Educational programs, residencies and public events complete this original approach.

2nd floor projects is an artist-run initiative based on an exhibition program in a private space. Launched in march 2007 by Margaret Tedesco, it's one of the venues that testify of the cultural dynamism of the San Francisco Mission area. This project space presents in its exhitions a very large range of works, from drawings, paintings and videos to installations and performance as well as art publications or essays. Aside of innovative galleries of the mission area, such as Jack Hanley, Ratio 3 or TripleBase, this project aims at offering the artists an opportunity to show their works in a very special venue.