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Brussels / Art Brussels

We'll be at Art Brussels 2009, 27th contemporary art fair in Brussels, which will be held april 24-27. Two events by Aggtelek: opening of the exhibition at the Cervantes Institute (25/09) and opening at the Josza Gallery (27/09).

Aggtelek at CCCB Barcelona, UNAM Mexico, Jozsa Gallery and Cervantes Institute Brussels, March-Abril

Busy times for Aggtelek : they will be present in 4 different events during during march and april.

First step: installation and performance at Casa del Lago UNAM, Mexico
"Now. Transformation Spaces" is a project formed by seven interventions of mexican, colombian and spanish artists: Aggtelek, Catalina Lozano and José Arnaud, Felipe Arturo, Jessica Wozny, Jerónimo Hagerman, Marco Rountree and Miguel Rael. This project is sponsored by the Jumex foundation and is supported by the Cultural department of the Spanish Embassy in Mexico. Where: Casa del lago Juan José Arreola, UNAM
When: 05/03/2009

Second step: Video Projection for the LP'09 Danza o no Festival at CCCB Barcelona, curator: Alex Brahim
LP'09 Danza o no offers a program that turns to movement as the best way to "publish" the ideas, processes and actions of guest artists: a vision of the evolution of dance as a vehicle for perception and knowledge. Alex Brahim will broadcast a video program during the festival, including 3 aggtelek videos: Untitled (2006), Performing the Scenography (2006), Ensayo Escultórico (2008).
Where: CCCB, Barcelona
When: Saturday 07/03 at 1:15 and 5 pm, Sunday 08/03 at 1:15 and 4 pm, Friday 13/03 at 9:15 pm

Third step: Ass-Dialectics, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
A new solo show at the Jozsa Gallery for Aggtelek.
When: 26/03 - 9/05

Fourst step: Installation Tale, Cervantes Institute in the framework of Art Brussels off programme.
When: 24/04 - 15/05

Julie Guiches: interactive installations for Smartival, Brussels - 26/11-29/11

Julie Guiches presents a new Electrochoc Pictures Studio for the 10th Brussels SMartival.

Several interactive actions and workshops realized in collaboration with art groups such as Chez Jacky or OST Collective will offer to the people a poetic platform to express themselves in an unknown way.


OST Collective propose 3 photographic workshops:

- Chez Jacky : a skin-head lobster or your head decorated with a green net will be one of the proposals of the night. You can get a new skin there...
- Electrochoc by OST: an emotional photoelectric session
- Geometric by OST: interactive universe in which you are blended with cube, triangles, rectangles and their geometric homologous through lineal transformations till you've reached a totally new graphic structure.

Where: Brussels, Pathé Palace When: from november 26th to november 29th at 8th pm.

Julie Guiches in residency for les Brigittines Art Center, Brussels - 10/11-15/11

JULIE GUICHES will collaborate with Benoît Lorent, curator and art director of the [Scénographies Numériques - Digital scenography for Les Brigittines, the Art venue in Brussels for creation in the fields of Movement and Dance.

Corps Urbains 2 Corps Urbains 1

Thanks to an international residence of about ten days, julie will cooperate with several artists on a collective prupose, that will combine video, photography, dance and live painting. Each part will be a special creation for this event. This collective creation will be the basis for a digital scenery design, which will cover Les Brigittines with a digital 'skin' for two nights. A similar event will also be organized for one whole night at the Brussels' Congrès Train Station.

This event will gather creations of Boris Edelstein (Switzerland, video), Julie Guiches (France, photo-graphic designer), Ilan Katin (USA, live video performance and animation), Joanie Lemercier & Olivier Ratsi (graphic installations and video animation). The

Where: BRUSSELS, Les Brigittines Art Center / Congrès Train Station.

When: November 10th to november 15th 2008 You can download the programm

Julie Guiches was the second homesession resident:

- Julie Guiches Residency

- Julie Guiches homesession page