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Patrick Bérubé presents Demi-Mesure at the Casino Art Center, Luxembourg 30/04 - to 05/09

Jo Kox And Kevin Muhlen are the curators of forthcoming exhibition at the Casino art Center: "Ceci n'est pas un Casino !" (This is not a Casino!). This must be the most uttered sentence about the Luxembourg art center. Actually, who wouldn't be confused? The aim of the exhibition is to mislead people a bit more about the real identity of the building, introducing artworks dealing with game and gambling. Each of the artworks constitutes, as it were, an invitation to entertainment, be it through video games, playgrounds or carrousels... But one reality remains: playing impossible!

Patrick Bérubé will present its installation "demi-mesure" (half-measure) an impossible trampoline that adults may hate...

Participating artists: Pierre Ardouvin • Ro bert Barta • Patrick Bérubé • Marc Bijl • Hermine Bourgadier • Antoinette J. Citizen • Courtney Coombs • Jaco b Da hlgren • Pau l Kirps • Walter Langelaar • Annika Larsson• Ian Monk • Lau rent Perbos • Letizia Ro manini • Stéphane Thidet • Olaf Val

Where: Casino Art Center - Contemporary art forum, Luxembourg
When: 30/04 to 05/09, opening on 30/04 at 7pm

Juan Duque in "No Soul for Sale", Tate Modern, London 14/05-16/05

To celebrate its 10th birthday, Tate Modern is working with visionary curators Maurizio Cattelan, Cecilia Alemani and Massimiliano Gioni to prepare the "No Soul for Sale" festival. They have invited 50 international independent art collectives, including among others ArtHub (Shanghai), Artists Space (New York), e-flux (Berlin), Latitudes (Barcelona), (London), and Y3K (Melbourne), to create projects in the Turbine Hall.

Visual Artist Juan Duque, our former resident, and Architect Sam de Vocht have been invited by the Casa3Patios project to present a new installation: "Transmission".

Where: Tate Modern
When: May 14th to 16th

Patrick Berube in Art Souterrain Montreal and at UQAM gallery Montreal 01-02/27-03

Patrick Bérubé's "Desire" installation is actually on show at Art Souterrain, an art festival organized throughout the Montreal underground city.

Patrick Berube is also currently in residency at 3è imperial (Granby, Canada), where he'll produce a "filtering intervention". For this intervention, Patrick Bérubé has modified one table in different bars and restaurants in the city, to reveal the hidden part of the object that anyone could put on them.


Patrick Berube is also going to participate to the "Expansion" exhibition at the UQAM Gallery, which gather works by twenty Montreal artists who have emerged on the national and international scene.

Art Souterrain from 01/02 to 28/02
Intervention 3è imperial: 20/02 to 27/03, opening on 20/02 at 2pm
UQAM exhibition: 25/02 to 27/03

Where: Different places in Montreal.

Daniel Nevers in Front + Center: Weather Streams at Headlands, San Francisco, 17/01 - 28/01

Daniel Nevers, the homesession 7th resident, presents its new work in the Front + Center: Weather Streams, an annual exhibition at Headlands Center for the Arts showcasing outstanding works by California artists, including several newly commissioned, site-specific works.

This year's exhibition, Weather Streams, is co-curated by Vanessa Blaikie and Joey Piziali, co-directors of Ping Pong Gallery in San Francisco, and independent curator Jessica Brier.

When: 17/01-28/01, opening on January 17th at 5pm Where: Headlands center for the arts

Sabrina Harri and Juan Duque in FLAT_land, Delft (Holland) 27/12

Chance and Necessity. Let's say that chance has played a major role in that case, as there were no previous contacts between both artists. Let's also say that Europe is a microscopic playground.

Sabrina Harris (Finland) and Juan Duque (Colombia/Belgium), are the homesession next residents. They both form part of the final presentation which is going to be held at FLAT_land Project Space, in Delft (Holland).

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME Juan Duque Collaborative project with artist Jimena Kato Murakami.

FLAT_land was launched by Foundation id11, an art organization which offered three residences and project spaces in Delft for artists. The experiment led this year has allowed artists to take possession all year long of two apartment buildings and houses, which are gradually abandonned and are going to be eventually demolished for a newly build flat.


Artists are invited to realise projects on site or in relation with the neighbourhood. There's been a presentation of the projects every month. Final FLAT_land presentation will be held Sunday December 27th at 2pm with contributions of artist-in-residence, at Poptahof Delft. Finissage, surprising sounds and performances!

Where: Poptahof Noord, 1 - Delft
When: 27/12 2pm till late

You shouldn't explain that! A conversation with Daniel Nevers

This is the transcription of a conversation we had with Daniel Nevers after the presentation of his work at homesession, on June 27th. Talking about the "minutiae" installation Daniel Nevers realized at homesession, it introduces the main outlines of Daniel Nevers' process and creations. .

Homesession: this work is going to be dismantled, but we would like to keep it a while...
Daniel Nevers: That's funny, because, for me, it's done, so it could be dismantled now.

HS: Of course, because you were in the process, during one month.
DN: Actually that was very interesting, working in your house, you know. It's like when I made this residency in Southern Exposure in San Francisco, they were going to work everyday and they had to cross my installation, thoses bunches of cable, I was feeling so bad for them. They had to put their bikes there, I was so sorry... And I feel a bit the same way about this, just because it's not the prettiest thing to live with, I guess. I don't think it's ugly, but that doesn't mean everyone would like to live with it... So it's interesting that you want to keep it a while, it's an interesting part of the whole experience. I make it and then I leave... because it definitely changes the whole space!... Actually, at the beginning, I was wondering what I was going to do, you know, I wanted to work with papers and so on, and a friend answered to one of my mails, just saying "well you could put the furnitures outside and say that's your project, leave it out so that they can't move it anymore..." (laughs)... I didn't do that, but finally we had to move all the furnitures. We even put some of them outside for the opening so...

HS: You said this work may constitute a new step in your creations.
DN: I have to figure out a new way to talk about my work, because I think it's not the same anymore. It's changing. I think I have to talk about it in a much more formal way and not that much about the meaning of it.

HS: But wouldn't you have to mix both approaches?
DN: No, I don't think so. For example Jessica Stockholder, who is one of my big influences... She's very interesting, she mixes a lot of very ugly works (laughs), not ugly but well she works with furnitures, products from a lot of stores, Ikea or other places, christmas trees' decorations, it's very interesting. She's also a painter... She only talks about her work formally. She's been around for twenty or twenty-five years and I keep reading about her work. Her work is also about psychological stuff: she said enough for us to know that, but...

HS: ... but she doesn't really explain it...
DN:... No... Her tales gives a little bit of information about it, so you can tell from materials, that there are some personal references, she tells about her father and so on...

HS: Well there's more than a psychological and personal meaning in your work, you're also referring to massive consumption...
DN: The opening was very interesting tonight because people, more than any other time, were saying "oh it's like recycling, but it's all new" or "oh it's like the materials they bring back to the beach in the nets, but it's brand new", and it's really interesting that people get it at first sight.

HS: Maybe because recycling with second-hand materials is very common in Barcelona, it's an industry, everywhere, and in the art world too...
DN: I was happy that people were paying attention to that. People were trying to understand, you know... "What is this about?"... That's always a question but it's not really interesting to me. I always ask people "well, what do you think it means?" and they hate to answer because they don't want to look stupid. But I would like to tell them that they can't look stupid, I don't care about their opinion... Whatever they think it means... They can't be wrong about their own opinion! But they want to know what I think it means, my own interpretation about my work.

HS: And you wouldn't say it?
DN: Of course I would, but it's not interesting to me. When I am in a gallery, I don't care so much about the artist's interpretation. Well of course, sometimes you have to read to know what the artist is talking about, but if I think it's about something and they tell me it's about something else, I will think well... that's stupid (laugh).

HS: Some people said that this installation works like a painting, you can sit on the coach and you have this perfect frontal view of the painting, this very nice composition, but when they saw the other side, they really saw the connection between this installation and your other works... And also, they were confronted to this frustration, you know, not to be able to see the other composition on the backside, not to be able to enjoy another nice point of view, to see what's happening...
DN: Yes, it makes perfect sense to me, the presentation to the outside world. The composition is very nice, it all looks very perfect. But when you go to the other side, you cant get close to it or you get so close to, that you can't see it. And then it's very much about personality, identity and...

HS: ... Oh! you shouldn't explain that! (laughs)
DN: Well, it's very clear to me that it's all there, even though I'm not consciously intending to make that. Actually, I was not thinking about it when I was working on the piece, but it became very obvious to me once it was finished: it's about all those things, the backside is the piece and the frontside is just a mask. You know, I think of the Franz Fanon's "Black Skin, White Mask". That's what it is. Of course, it seems very obvious to me, because I know my work. But I would understand it's not obvious to other people.

HS: You're not so used to develop a work that's almost flat...
DN: I think that what it is very exciting about this work, about the presentation, the concept of presentation. And also the idea of pattern is very interesting to me, because pattern has this double meaning, these visual and psychological meanings. How we follow into patterns or how we use patterns of behaviours. And there are those containers, the idea of containing emotions, it's all very litteral, almost. It's nearly too obvious to me! That's why it's very fun to me, because we could ask people to formally think about the idea of containers, colors, light and dark, panel, front and back, the connection between all those formal things. That's why I try to talk about it more formally, so people can make this connection more spontaneaously.

Next residences: Daniel Nevers (June) and Beatrix Reinhardt (July-August)

We're preparing new residencies for homesession with two artists coming soon to Barcelona, both of them with very exciting work and projects.

Daniel Nevers (USA-Oakland) will be the artist in residence at homesession in June.
Daniel has developped a work based on sculptures and installations made with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) materials, trying to establish links between Home Depot and... O, the Oprah Magazine: because irony is a serious tool to understand our psychology, his works are representations and constructions that try to materialize our personality, as it would be described by Pop Psychology. Strong materials get tortured and compressed, representations are completed till they reach the chaos, concrete walls finally reveal their precarious construction: each installation is a new story about the mysterious interdependance between our conscience and the others: defenses, necessity, projection, prohibitions, porosity and impossibilities.

Beatrix Reinhard's residence is planned for July and August.
Beatrix Reinardt (Germany-Berlin/USA-New York) is a photographer whose work focuses on the politics of spaces: most of her photographs are empty spaces filled with traces, signs, evidences that build a speech with social implications, despite of the absence of living beings. Actually, through this absence, Beatrix has found a very striking way to express what the organization of spaces can tell about the interactions that usually exist in those places. Those social landscapes introduce a possibility to build real and imaginative narratives, establishing a relation between the viewer and a space he usually doesn't even know. By taking pictures of empty spaces, Beatrix focus on cultural values, social realities, tastes and beliefs: those photographs can actually be conceived as intimate portraits of the individual/s who is/are absent at the moment of the photography.

Aggtelek at CCCB Barcelona, UNAM Mexico, Jozsa Gallery and Cervantes Institute Brussels, March-Abril

Busy times for Aggtelek : they will be present in 4 different events during during march and april.

First step: installation and performance at Casa del Lago UNAM, Mexico
"Now. Transformation Spaces" is a project formed by seven interventions of mexican, colombian and spanish artists: Aggtelek, Catalina Lozano and José Arnaud, Felipe Arturo, Jessica Wozny, Jerónimo Hagerman, Marco Rountree and Miguel Rael. This project is sponsored by the Jumex foundation and is supported by the Cultural department of the Spanish Embassy in Mexico. Where: Casa del lago Juan José Arreola, UNAM
When: 05/03/2009

Second step: Video Projection for the LP'09 Danza o no Festival at CCCB Barcelona, curator: Alex Brahim
LP'09 Danza o no offers a program that turns to movement as the best way to "publish" the ideas, processes and actions of guest artists: a vision of the evolution of dance as a vehicle for perception and knowledge. Alex Brahim will broadcast a video program during the festival, including 3 aggtelek videos: Untitled (2006), Performing the Scenography (2006), Ensayo Escultórico (2008).
Where: CCCB, Barcelona
When: Saturday 07/03 at 1:15 and 5 pm, Sunday 08/03 at 1:15 and 4 pm, Friday 13/03 at 9:15 pm

Third step: Ass-Dialectics, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
A new solo show at the Jozsa Gallery for Aggtelek.
When: 26/03 - 9/05

Fourst step: Installation Tale, Cervantes Institute in the framework of Art Brussels off programme.
When: 24/04 - 15/05

Guillaume La Brie at the b312 Gallery, Montreal, 09/01 - 07/02

Guillaume La Brie presents its new work at the b312 gallery in Ottawa: la sculpture au pied du mur (sculpture brought to bay / literally: sculpture at the base of the wall). The exhibition includes 4 big sculptures which are placed along the wall in a space that seems to have been submitted to a kind of surnatural force which would have moved and folded up its grounds and walls. The whole installation definitely reminds us of a flat after an earthquake, that would have blurred the limits between the walls and the furniture, mixing them in a strange combination.

Guillaume La Brie La Sculpture au pied du mur

The exhibition implies to follow a route, for the eyes as well as for the body, to discover details and catch the installation as a whole and as a combination of sculptures. With veiled and direct references to Michelangelo, Kurt Schwitters and the ready mades, Guillaume la Brie refers to the way sculpture have been supplanted by installations and environments. Nevertheless, the exhibition refuses any linear explanation for the sculpture's history: the exhibition's space is folded as a metaphor for the art's logic in sculpture, that Guillaume la Brie defines as "anarchy of his own system".

Guillaume La Brie is one of the artist presented on the homesession site: Guillaume La Brie's page.

Where: Galerie B312, 372 Ste Catherine Ouest, Espace 409, Montreal
When: January 9 - February 7

Margarita Pineda at Ca l'Arenas Art Center, Museum of Mataró - 19/12-08/02

Margarita Pineda presents Trazas, an installation using textile containers for construction waste to superimpose unknown memories with her own story. Embroidering the containers, she makes emerge the left out tales those neglected containers could remind us of: desires, symbols, recollection of details.

This installation, waste containers/lights/embroidery can be seen at Ca l'Arenas Art Center / Museum of Mataró.

Where: Ca l'Arenas, Museum of Mataró (C/ Argentona, 64)
When: from december 19th to february 8th

Aggtelek "Performing the scenography", Espacio Líquido Gallery, Gijón - 12/12 - 07/01

Aggtelek present their video installation "Performing the scenography" in the Espacio Líquido Gallery, in Gijón (Spain). Performing the scenography plays with the exhibition space (invaded by materials which are actually used also in the video) and with the creation process timeline, by repeating construction and destructions on the screen and in the installation, with many references to architecture, cinema, litterature, monuments and ephemeral constructions.

Aggtelek Performing the scenography

This video installation takes place during the Al Norte contemporary art week: program.

Where: Espacio Líquido Gijón When: From December 12th to January 7th.

Guillaume La Brie at CIRCA Contemporary Art Center, Montreal

« L'exposition en cours » held at CIRCA Contemporary Art Center (Montreal) is an experimental project, which consists in a dialogue between three creation process to create a coherent final work. This work will deal with the unexpected situations that can generate a collaboration between Guillaume La Brie, who usually introduces modifications in the exhibition space, Edouard Pretty who works on the marks we let through our actions, and Eric Cardinal who generates original installations through the accumulation of modified objects.

The goal of « L'exposition en cours » is not to present each of those three works but to force the artists to look for a consensus between each of their creations to find a result which would be satsfying on an aesthetic point of view for all of them. This project is above all a system based on a relation between different and special visual experiences.

The idea is not to create a work as a team or to reach an expected result but to set the creation against the absence of any controlled order or rythm as each artist is depending on the works made by the other ones. The only security is the one of the materials and tools we use as well as the one the artist enjoy during his own creation process.

Where: CIRCA, Montreal, 372 rue Ste Catherine O. espace 444
When: till december 20th, opening on december 13th (from 5 to 8 pm)

Guillaume La Brie is one of the artist presented on the homesession site: Guillaume La Brie's page.