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Juan Duque in "No Soul for Sale", Tate Modern, London 14/05-16/05

To celebrate its 10th birthday, Tate Modern is working with visionary curators Maurizio Cattelan, Cecilia Alemani and Massimiliano Gioni to prepare the "No Soul for Sale" festival. They have invited 50 international independent art collectives, including among others ArtHub (Shanghai), Artists Space (New York), e-flux (Berlin), Latitudes (Barcelona), (London), and Y3K (Melbourne), to create projects in the Turbine Hall.

Visual Artist Juan Duque, our former resident, and Architect Sam de Vocht have been invited by the Casa3Patios project to present a new installation: "Transmission".

Where: Tate Modern
When: May 14th to 16th

homesession invites: Juan Duque 's project presentation, 06/03 - 7pm

Juan Duque and homesession will have the pleasure to present the intervention the artists's been working on during his residency: EVASION.

Juan Duque

Displaying objects and elements linked to a landscape iconic visual representation as well as to maps ideological representations, Juan Duque's intervention at homesession deals with the conception of landscape as an interface between place, individual memory and chance.

The intervention in different spaces and places conveys for me a re-activation of the memory.
As a recurrent mark, every time I start a project, textures and images appear from the surfaces I'm working on. These recurrent marks remind me of landscapes that I have already experienced. Is it a topographical fixation or perhaps a predestination?
What we think will last forever, might stop some day... and new lines, reflections and layers will emerge, blurring the path. With my work at 'homesession art residency', I want to challenge the determined by implementing simple actions on simple materials.
Juan Duque

We're very pleased to invite you to join the presentation of EVASION on March 6th at 7pm.

When: March 6th at 7pm
Where: homesession

For further information and for confirmation (required), please contact

"Invited-One-Day" and residencies first quarter 2010

We're glad to announce the events to come during the first quarter 2010 at homesession.

February 4th: save the date!
This new programme is an experience led by an artist, who's litterally "invited one day" in a private flat. "Contextualize!" (or not). Carte blanche to Fito Conesa whose work will be presented on February 4th at 8pm. More information to come...

RESIDENCY JUAN DUQUE! (Colombia-Belgium)
Feburary 08th-March 10th
Presentation date still to confirm.

April 1st-30th
Presentation date still to confirm.

Sabrina Harri and Juan Duque in FLAT_land, Delft (Holland) 27/12

Chance and Necessity. Let's say that chance has played a major role in that case, as there were no previous contacts between both artists. Let's also say that Europe is a microscopic playground.

Sabrina Harris (Finland) and Juan Duque (Colombia/Belgium), are the homesession next residents. They both form part of the final presentation which is going to be held at FLAT_land Project Space, in Delft (Holland).

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME Juan Duque Collaborative project with artist Jimena Kato Murakami.

FLAT_land was launched by Foundation id11, an art organization which offered three residences and project spaces in Delft for artists. The experiment led this year has allowed artists to take possession all year long of two apartment buildings and houses, which are gradually abandonned and are going to be eventually demolished for a newly build flat.


Artists are invited to realise projects on site or in relation with the neighbourhood. There's been a presentation of the projects every month. Final FLAT_land presentation will be held Sunday December 27th at 2pm with contributions of artist-in-residence, at Poptahof Delft. Finissage, surprising sounds and performances!

Where: Poptahof Noord, 1 - Delft
When: 27/12 2pm till late

Juan Duque in "De Collectie NUCLEO" exhibition, 4/12 to 27/12

Juan Duque presents works in a collective exhibition curated by Philippe Van Cauteren, the SMAK Director (Contemporary Art Museum, Gent) and Sjoerd Paridaen. Gathering the works of 42 artists, the NUCLEO exhibition has a central link which is simply the A4 paper.

Juan Duque's work focuses on "areas of intensity, disruption and uncertainty" that appear in his creations and process, "linked to behaviours such as interconnectivity, mutability, and interference." Playing with burnt paper, ink and A4 papers cut into two parts, Juan Duque works thus on the alteration he can introduces to the proper material he has been asked to use.

When: 4/12 to 27/12 (finissage at 4pm)
Where: Sint-Petersnieuwstraat, 21, Gent