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Miguel Bonneville's new performance "I wanted to change the world", Sala do Veado, Lisboa 29/03

Miguel Bonneville presents its new performance at the ÇLisboa Natural History Museum's Sala Do Veado.

'I WANTED TO CHANGE THE WORLD. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself' says Aldous Huxley. And I repeat it.

In this performance, my arms are tatoed. In a real and permanent way. It's a tradition for those who don't want to forget. A tradition of constant rebirth. To tatoo the next step of a philosophy that started before. A philosophy that define existence.

Conception and interpretation - Miguel Bonneville with Daniel's collaboration
Assistance - André Duarte
Photography - Joana Linda
Video recording - Sofia Arriscado
Production - Miguel Bonneville
thanks to Helena Nogueira Silva, Diogo Bento''

When: 29/03 from 6 to 8
Where: Sala Do Veado

MB#6 performance by Miguel Bonneville at the Berardo Collection Museum, Lisboa, 24/01

Miguel Bonneville presents its ¡performance MB#6 at the Berardo Collection Museum, in Lisboa, in the framework of the She's a Femme Fatale exhibition.

The MB#6 performance, based on the testimony of 6 women talking about intimacy in relation with the artist, is a new step in Miguel's work, dealing with questions such as authorship, originality, identification, narcissism and autobiography. Autobiographies done by women were considered for a long period in history, as a subgender for being incomplete, patchy, discontinued, incoherent and reduced to privacy. MB#6 is an hommage to those works as there is actually a growing awareness of the impossibility for the autobiography to be narrative and continued. MB#6 claims thats the essence of autobiography is a permanent construction and regeneration process?

Miguel Bonneville was the homesession 5th resident.

Where: Berardo Collection Museum, Praça do Império, 1449-003 - Lisboa
When: 24/01 from 5.30 to 7pm.

Miguel Bonneville at OPEN International Performance Art Festival, Beijing, 08/09/2009

Miguel Bonneville will present its performance Miguel Bonneville #2 during the 10th edition of the OPEN International Performance Art Festival.

An artist talk, 'Defending the truth', will follow this performance, supported by the cultural department of the Camoes Institute.

Miguel Bonneville was our 5th resident.

When: september 8th to september 14th
Where: No.4 Jiu Xian Qiao Road Chaoyang District Beijing

Delphine Pouille intervention for the museum night in Luxembourg

The museum night will be held in Luxembourg on October 10th.
Delphine Pouille, our third resident, has been selected to present an urban intervention with four different developments:

- a nomad intervention from museum to museum which will establish a temporary link between 7 different places, including the MUDAM and the Casino Art Center
- three object-performances will stand for an ambiguous visitor-artwork inside the museums
- The video "Le_Jaco" will be shown on city buses
- another video will be presented in the Casino Art Center

When: October 10th from 6pm to 1am
Where: different museum in Luxembourg including MUDAM and Casino art Center.

Julie Guiches: Photographic performance at Central Cafe, Brussels 19/06

Julie Guiches and the OST Collective will organize an "electro-photographic performance" at the Central Cafe Brussels.


Where: Central Cafe, Borgval 14, Brussels
When: June 19th 10pm-2am

Ramon Guimaraes at Espace Cultural Ample Gallery / Barcelona, from 26-03 to 05-06

The Espace Cultural Ample Gallery presents the individual show of Ramón Guimaraes: Identity Code.

Ramón Guimaraes has developed during last years works focusing on clichés, stereotypes and human relations, always referring to the identity as one of its most important guidelines.

Working with medias such as video, photography, drawings and objects, Ramon Guimaraes uses daily life as a raw material for his work, transforming everydaylife actions, sentences or thoughts, touristic or cultural clichés into real performances. This work allows him to achieve a deconstruction of what this ordinary material implies about us, our feelings and our relations with the outer world.

Deconstruction which remain obvious in the use he makes of the masks, disguise and role-plays gathering ressources such as comedy, surprise and alarming atmosphere. Converting himself (say, his character) into more or less typical or recognizable stereotypes, he plays with the audience and seat ourselves in front of the things as they are: full of prejudices, fake appearances and deceptive freedom. From all the angles Ramon Guimaraes imagines, the audience will attend an image of the way we remain totally stuck in a social conception that's incompatible with the individual freedom we're convinced to have reached.

Where: Espace Ample Gallery, Barcelona
When: opening 26/03 at 7pm. Exhibition from 26/03 to 05/06

Aggtelek at CCCB Barcelona, UNAM Mexico, Jozsa Gallery and Cervantes Institute Brussels, March-Abril

Busy times for Aggtelek : they will be present in 4 different events during during march and april.

First step: installation and performance at Casa del Lago UNAM, Mexico
"Now. Transformation Spaces" is a project formed by seven interventions of mexican, colombian and spanish artists: Aggtelek, Catalina Lozano and José Arnaud, Felipe Arturo, Jessica Wozny, Jerónimo Hagerman, Marco Rountree and Miguel Rael. This project is sponsored by the Jumex foundation and is supported by the Cultural department of the Spanish Embassy in Mexico. Where: Casa del lago Juan José Arreola, UNAM
When: 05/03/2009

Second step: Video Projection for the LP'09 Danza o no Festival at CCCB Barcelona, curator: Alex Brahim
LP'09 Danza o no offers a program that turns to movement as the best way to "publish" the ideas, processes and actions of guest artists: a vision of the evolution of dance as a vehicle for perception and knowledge. Alex Brahim will broadcast a video program during the festival, including 3 aggtelek videos: Untitled (2006), Performing the Scenography (2006), Ensayo Escultórico (2008).
Where: CCCB, Barcelona
When: Saturday 07/03 at 1:15 and 5 pm, Sunday 08/03 at 1:15 and 4 pm, Friday 13/03 at 9:15 pm

Third step: Ass-Dialectics, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
A new solo show at the Jozsa Gallery for Aggtelek.
When: 26/03 - 9/05

Fourst step: Installation Tale, Cervantes Institute in the framework of Art Brussels off programme.
When: 24/04 - 15/05

Miguel Bonneville #6 at EIRA 33, Lisboa, 19/02 & 20/02

Miguel Bonneville presents its new performance MB#6 at Eira 33, Lisboa.
More information on MB#6 performance here.

Miguel Bonneville was the homesession 5th resident.

Where: Eira 33, rua camilo castelo branco, 33 - 1º lisboa
When: 19/02 and 20/02 at 9pm.

Margarita Pineda and residents' exhibition at Can Xalant, Mataró, 29/01 - 03/04

The Can Xalant contemporary creation center opens its new diffusion and presentation space with the exhibition of various recent works realized by the artists currently in residence. During the opening, the catalan artists "Les Salonnières" (Laura Cardona, Ester g. Mecías, Cèlia Prats, Meritxell Romanos i Marta Xibillé) will present a performance playing with suitcases and some tea-rooms accessories...

The exhibition will gather works from the following artists: Margarita Pineda, Raül Roncero, Joan Navarro, Aníbal Parada, Antonio Gagliano, Col·lectiu Airvoland, Les Salonnières

idees x moure el MOn, Joan Navarro

Margarita Pineda is one of the artists presented on the homesession website: her page here.

Where: Can Xalant, Carrer de Francesc Layret, 75, Mataró
When: opening 29/01 exhibition 29/01 - 03/04

Ramón Guimaraes performances and videos in LABoral Art Center, Gijón. From 19/12 to 15/01

Ramón Guimaraes participates to the Identidades project, in LABoral Art Center, Gijón. The intention of Identidades is to bring a wide range of creations about the emotional elements and behaviours referring to identity, stereotypes, transexuality, gender etc., we have to deal with in each of the moments of our personal development.

Videoart exhibition
Ramón Guimaraes present the Dialogue video (2008): a metaphor about love and end of love, misunderstandings and interdependence, which plays with the relations of power that constitute most of our sentimental and social experiences.

Ramon Guimaraes Dialogue

Dialogue will be shown as a part of the videocreation exhibition held during the event, from december 19th to january 15th with artists such as Cui Xiuwen, Maria Das Dores or Mariokissme:

- Dani Marti (UK / Australia) Andrea greeted by a pu smile, Under the recining Buddha.
- Blanca Prendes (Spain) En blanco.
- Cui Xiuwen (China), Sanjie.
- Sheng Li& Ji Sheng Li (China).
- Alicia Jiménez (Spain)
- Maria Das Dores (France), Falta
- Rubén Santiago (Spain), Dalí.
- Mariokissme (Spain) Spain Needs a Homo Sexual Monu Mentoo

Maria Das Dores
Maria Das Dores, Falta, video, 2008

Mariokissme, Spain Needs A Homo Sexual Monu Mentoo, video-performance, 2008

Performances festival
Ramón presents also with Mariokissme usuarios2, an action conceived for the performances special night organized at LABoral for the Identidades project. David Oca (Soy), Dominique Sánchez Blanco (Mira como me pongo) or Franco de Toledo (Fashion emergency 2) also present their own performance.

Where: LABoral Art Center, Sala Artagal, Gijón
When: Performances, december 19th&20th When: Videos exhibitions from december 19th to december 15th.

Ramón Guimaraes'work are presented on the homesession webpage.

Miguel Bonneville's Performance, Evora International Dance Festival, 13/12

Miguel Bonneville presents a performance-conference about the MB#4 performance, which could be considered as an "off version" of his original action. This event is co-produced and organized by the Evora International Dance Festival.

MB#4, in my life, is a step forward. It is to know that my heart still works and that it doesn’t always make mistakes. It is to know that a cycle was closed. But in itself, MB#4 is a step backwards. I wonder if it’s not always like this with me. This attempt of balance between one thing and another. And if I don’t have to win from one side, to lose from the other. Miguel Bonneville

Where: Blackbox CDCE - Évora, Zona Industrial Almeirim Norte, Rua Aníbal Tavares, n.º 2
When: December 13th, 21h30

Miguel Bonneville was the homesession 5th resident: residency's page.

Ramón Guimaraes' performance for Espace Ample's 5th anniversary - 27/11

Espace Ample opens a complete retrospective exhitibion after 5 years presenting projects and exhitions with chinese and asian contemporary artists as well as emerging spanish and international artists.

The MADE IN CHINA exhibition highlights these experimentations through a selection of essential art works from projects such as Cartoon Generation, Transfashionlab, Barcelona-París-Pekín, Zhù Yì or Proyecto Género for example.

The opening of the exhibition is planned to be a very special event, with 3 performances:

- Christian Escribà has conceived the opening performance
- Ramón Guimaraes presents his Vernissage performance
- Mariokissme will also present a special action


Where: Espace Ample, Barcelona
When: November 27th, 20h

Miguel Bonneville presents his new MB#6 performance, 13/11 and 14/11

MIGUEL BONNEVILLE will present his new performance at the Graça Brandão Gallery in Lisbon, for the Temps d'Images-Portugal Festival.

Para MB#6, Miguel Bonneville will invite 6 women to go on with his autobiographic research. Instead of referring to himself in the first person, Miguel Bonneville will try to get a new perspective in its work about identity with a multidisciplinary investigation, based on the testimony of 6 women talking about intimacy with a common point between each of them: they were invited to talk about Miguel.

Miguel Bonneville will use the feminine first person as a parabole for all those autobiographic works written by women, who are historically considered as incomplete, discontinued and limited to the private sphere. The use of the women speeches allow him to broaden and deepen his own work about narcissism, intimacy and autobiography, but it's also a way to underline the impossibility to build a continued and complete narrative autobiography. MB#6 stands for an autobiography which would constantly regenerate and regain its accuracy.

Where: Graça Brandão Gallery - rua dos caetanos, 26 (bairro alto), Lisbon When: Temps d'images Festival, 13/11 and 14/11 from 5 to 8 pm.

Miguel Bonneville was the homesession 5th resident: Miguel Bonneville residency's page.