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Aníbal Parada. La estrategia doméstica.

homesession was invited by La estrategia doméstica to participate to this new festival.
In the framework of these meetings organized in domestic places, we asked the Argentine and Barcelona based artist Aníbal Parada to interact within the Invited-One-Day programme.
On Thursday 7 of October, at 8 PM, Aníbal will present his work.
See the programme.
7 of October, at 8 PM
Please confirm assistance by email at

OST Collective and Julie Guiches at the BIP Liege Biennial of Photography, 26-02/25-03

OST Collective is currently in residence in Liège to prepare the Biennial of Photography which will take place in the former Saint-André church and Saint-Antoine church, the Contemporary Art Museum (MAMAC) and the Wallon Art Museum.

OST Collective works on artistic projects implemented in the public space with site-specific interventions. Their intervention in Liège will be shown from February 26th to March 25th. You can find the whole project here.

When: 26-02/25-03
Where: Former Saint-André church, Liège (Belgium)

Presentation of Beatrix Reinhardt's work @ homesession

The photographer Beatrix Reinhardt, current resident at homesession, Barcelona, will present her work Friday the 21st of August 2009 from 7 PM to 9 PM. Confirmation required via email.

flyer Beatrix Reinhardt

Beatrix Reinhardt's residency - July & August 2009

Beatrix Reinhardt is our current resident: german photographer established in New York, Beatrix Reinhardt has been working since more than ten years on the politics of space through photographic documentation: how demarcation can be achieved through decoration and organization, the way individuals express themselves through how they organize, use and decorate their spaces, and how this can be seen as an expression of cultural values, ideals, beliefs, individual taste and sensibilities (Beatrix Reinhardt).

Part of her work focuses on the social spaces of privates clubs around the globe: she strated this work in Sidney and developed it afterthat in New York, Beijing, Madrid, London, Shanghai etc. in a work inspired by names such as Robert Frank, Gregory Crewdson, Judith Samen, the Becher, Boris Mikhailov, Candida Höfer etc.

The development of this body of work is going to be the main purpose of her residency in Barcelona.

Conservative Club Beatrix Reinhardt
Conservative Club, London.

Julie Guiches: Photographic performance at Central Cafe, Brussels 19/06

Julie Guiches and the OST Collective will organize an "electro-photographic performance" at the Central Cafe Brussels.


Where: Central Cafe, Borgval 14, Brussels
When: June 19th 10pm-2am

Delphine Pouillé at La Ferronnerie Gallery, Paris 26/05-27/06

Delphine Pouillé presents five photographic works in the "Hauts en Couleur" collective exhibition at La Ferronnerie Gallery, in Paris. The exhibition was curated by Pie Setala (Finland) who invited artists from France and Finland: Henni Alftan, Ien Lucas, Delphine Pouillé, Vittorio Roerade, Jérôme Touron



Where: La Ferronnerie Gallery, 40, rue de la Folie-Méricourt, Paris - France
When: Opening on May 26th. Exhibition from May 26th to June 27th

Maria Das Dores presents Simultaneous at HongMerchant of Shanghai, 25/04

In her recent works, Maria Das Dores captures the urban landscapes in constant mutation or fixed landscapes of some romantic times. Through her video installation, she offers glimpses of reality, mixing documentary and fiction, in an attempt to adapt her subjects with her own personal comprehension: series of portraits, landscapes, urban motion, search of identity, poetry.


Where: Hong Merchant of Shanghai: Xing Guo Road, Lane 372, House n.3. Cross Wukang lu
When: 25/03, opening from 5 to 8 pm

Next residences: Daniel Nevers (June) and Beatrix Reinhardt (July-August)

We're preparing new residencies for homesession with two artists coming soon to Barcelona, both of them with very exciting work and projects.

Daniel Nevers (USA-Oakland) will be the artist in residence at homesession in June.
Daniel has developped a work based on sculptures and installations made with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) materials, trying to establish links between Home Depot and... O, the Oprah Magazine: because irony is a serious tool to understand our psychology, his works are representations and constructions that try to materialize our personality, as it would be described by Pop Psychology. Strong materials get tortured and compressed, representations are completed till they reach the chaos, concrete walls finally reveal their precarious construction: each installation is a new story about the mysterious interdependance between our conscience and the others: defenses, necessity, projection, prohibitions, porosity and impossibilities.

Beatrix Reinhard's residence is planned for July and August.
Beatrix Reinardt (Germany-Berlin/USA-New York) is a photographer whose work focuses on the politics of spaces: most of her photographs are empty spaces filled with traces, signs, evidences that build a speech with social implications, despite of the absence of living beings. Actually, through this absence, Beatrix has found a very striking way to express what the organization of spaces can tell about the interactions that usually exist in those places. Those social landscapes introduce a possibility to build real and imaginative narratives, establishing a relation between the viewer and a space he usually doesn't even know. By taking pictures of empty spaces, Beatrix focus on cultural values, social realities, tastes and beliefs: those photographs can actually be conceived as intimate portraits of the individual/s who is/are absent at the moment of the photography.

Miguel Bonneville in collective exhibition "Person who has a soul", Rawson Argentine, 03/04

Miguel Bonneville participates to the collective photography exhibition "Person who has a soul" at the Jose Hernández Cultural Center in Rawson, Argentina (curator: Ricardo Lescano).

2006-2008, no real sex, Photography (2008).

Miguel Bonneville was the homesession 5th resident: Miguel's residency page.

When: Abril the 3rd.
Where: Jose Hernandez Cultural Center, Rawson Argentina

Ramon Guimaraes at Espace Cultural Ample Gallery / Barcelona, from 26-03 to 05-06

The Espace Cultural Ample Gallery presents the individual show of Ramón Guimaraes: Identity Code.

Ramón Guimaraes has developed during last years works focusing on clichés, stereotypes and human relations, always referring to the identity as one of its most important guidelines.

Working with medias such as video, photography, drawings and objects, Ramon Guimaraes uses daily life as a raw material for his work, transforming everydaylife actions, sentences or thoughts, touristic or cultural clichés into real performances. This work allows him to achieve a deconstruction of what this ordinary material implies about us, our feelings and our relations with the outer world.

Deconstruction which remain obvious in the use he makes of the masks, disguise and role-plays gathering ressources such as comedy, surprise and alarming atmosphere. Converting himself (say, his character) into more or less typical or recognizable stereotypes, he plays with the audience and seat ourselves in front of the things as they are: full of prejudices, fake appearances and deceptive freedom. From all the angles Ramon Guimaraes imagines, the audience will attend an image of the way we remain totally stuck in a social conception that's incompatible with the individual freedom we're convinced to have reached.

Where: Espace Ample Gallery, Barcelona
When: opening 26/03 at 7pm. Exhibition from 26/03 to 05/06

Paris Photo fair

We'll visit Paris Photo Fair on november 14th-15th.

For the first time y after inviting Italy last year, Paris Photo turns to the Far East and is inviting Japan as guest of honour. Many Japanese galleries will be present: the Statement section, comprising eight invited Japanese galleries, will present exciting work from a young generation of artists born mainly in the mid-sixties and in the seventies. The Project Room will present a series of contemporary videos by Japanese photographers. A publishers' space will highlight the central role of the book on the Japanese photography scene.