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Sabrina Harri (homesession residency) + Margarita Pineda (Invited-One-Day), April 30th

Friday April 30th, save the date!

We're pleased to announce the event organized to present the works realized by visual artists Sabrina Harri and Margarita Pineda on April 30th at 8.30 pm.

Sabrina Harri (Finland), our 11th resident, will present preparatory works for her solo exhibition at Å Gallery - Turku (Finland). Margarita Pineda will show a specific intervention she's been working on for the Invited-One-Day programme.

We hope we can count on your attendance!

Viernes 30 de abril!

Tenemos el placer de anunciar la presentación de los trabajos realizados por las artistas Sabrina Harri y Margarita Pineda el 30 de abril a las 20h30.

Sabrina Harri (Finlandia), nuestro 11a residente, presentará trabajos preparatorios para su exposición individual a la Å Gallery de Turku (Finland). Margarita Pineda mostrará una intervención específica sobre la cual ha estado trabajando para el programa Invited-One-Day.

Esperamos contar con vuestra presencia.

Invitation Pineda-Harri

Sabrina Harri in art-action, MNCARS - Reina Sofia Museum, 14-04

The MNCARS-Reina Sofia Museum hosts the art-action's "rencontres internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid" around new cinema and contemporary art with the screening of many film premieres, a video program, a media art exhibition, multimedia concerts, a cycle of debates and panel discussions. A selection of 150 works from Germany, France, Spain and 50 other countries, made up of internationally-known artists and filmmakers as well as young artists and filmmakers presented for the first time has been realized around 5500 submissions.

Sabrina Harri, the artist currently in residence at homesession, forms part of the selection: her work "Discussion Room 005" will be shown in the salón de acta Sabatini on april 14th at 3.30pm in a section called "Capitalismus".

In a state of claustrophobia, I jump against lightboxes with advertisements representing bodies in an urban landscape. It is an attempt to push away the representations, to broaden the space that surrounds me or to pass through.

Where: MNCARS-Reina Sofia Museum, Salon de Actos Sabatini, Santa Isabel Street , 52 - Madrid
When: april 14th at 3.30 pm

"Invited-One-Day" and residencies first quarter 2010

We're glad to announce the events to come during the first quarter 2010 at homesession.

February 4th: save the date!
This new programme is an experience led by an artist, who's litterally "invited one day" in a private flat. "Contextualize!" (or not). Carte blanche to Fito Conesa whose work will be presented on February 4th at 8pm. More information to come...

RESIDENCY JUAN DUQUE! (Colombia-Belgium)
Feburary 08th-March 10th
Presentation date still to confirm.

April 1st-30th
Presentation date still to confirm.

Sabrina Harri and Juan Duque in FLAT_land, Delft (Holland) 27/12

Chance and Necessity. Let's say that chance has played a major role in that case, as there were no previous contacts between both artists. Let's also say that Europe is a microscopic playground.

Sabrina Harris (Finland) and Juan Duque (Colombia/Belgium), are the homesession next residents. They both form part of the final presentation which is going to be held at FLAT_land Project Space, in Delft (Holland).

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME Juan Duque Collaborative project with artist Jimena Kato Murakami.

FLAT_land was launched by Foundation id11, an art organization which offered three residences and project spaces in Delft for artists. The experiment led this year has allowed artists to take possession all year long of two apartment buildings and houses, which are gradually abandonned and are going to be eventually demolished for a newly build flat.


Artists are invited to realise projects on site or in relation with the neighbourhood. There's been a presentation of the projects every month. Final FLAT_land presentation will be held Sunday December 27th at 2pm with contributions of artist-in-residence, at Poptahof Delft. Finissage, surprising sounds and performances!

Where: Poptahof Noord, 1 - Delft
When: 27/12 2pm till late