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Certain kinds of trash

MAX-O-MATIC Certain kinds of trash 12.02.15 - 21.02.15
de 16,30 a 20h, de lunes a sábado C/ Creu dels Molers 15, Bcn

Certain kinds of trash es la primera exposición individual que Max-O-matic realiza con me & the curiosity y que se inscribe dentro del programa “Invited” de Homesession. A partir del día 12 y hasta el 21 de febrero se puede visitar la exposición en la calle Creu dels Molers 15 de Barcelona.

1. Charla con Valentín Roma “Los ángulos muertos del collage: de Hanna Höch a Osvaldo Lamborghini” – 18 de febrero a las 19,30h

2. Taller de collage con Max-O-matic – Sábado 21 de febrero a las 16,30h – información en

Las dos actividades se realizaran en la sede de Homesession en la calle Creu dels Molers 15 de Barcelona.

Desertion of Ideological Circuits

Desertion of Ideological Circuits

To perform this piece the artist Martín Rico has extracted his fingerprints from the right hand through a process of scarification or skin removal. Extractions for each finger have been stuffed and framed for sale through an auction which will be held in Homesession October the 1st at 19.00 h.

The project explores the possibility of pricing and marketing something that supposedly defines us as unique individuals. Moreover it questions the identity as something pre-checked and built by a number of institutions that guarantee certain social construction. The individuals do not produce their identity rather they assimilate them. Scarification sessions reveal the absurdity where there is a long and painful healing process that does not alter the fingerprint traces since they regrow exactly alike.

This activity is part of the Pica i Fuig! program of the Sala d'Art Jove 2014

I mistook a squid in its ink for the moon in the night. Chika Matsuda

We’re pleased to present “I mistook a squid in its ink for the moon in the night”, a project developed by Chika Matsuda (Nagano) during her residency at Homesession. In the different works that compose the project as well as in the title, Chika Matsuda goes into play on the relation between physicality and abstraction of language. Focusing on the way our voice obeys to cultural patterns, the artist leads an unending investigation to abrade the natural and rational features we assign to the use we make of the body into language. Tongues, spits, noises, uncontrolled swallowing and saliva and collective recitations evokes into sculptures, drawing and video, this research and a possibly alternative grammatical patterns to our perception.

Opening: Friday, April 25th, 2014 - 19:00

Homesession : C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

exhibition: 29/04 + 30/04, 16h-19h30

Collateral Effects. Curated by Aria Spinelli

Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan consists in a series of conversations between artists, activists, lawyers and researchers, that will take place at the residency spaces of Homesession, following a general presentation of Milano Radicale Archive at Fundació Antoni Tàpies. The outcome and documentation of Aria Spinelli’s residency will be further shown along side some items of Radical Intention’s project Milano Radicale archive at Sala d’Art Jove in March 2014.

with Nuria Güell, Rolando d'Alessandro, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga, Lawyer Andrés García Berrio, Leland Palmer Collective, Domènec and Francesc Abad

Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan is funded by Loughborough University as part of the practice-based PhD program.


Fundació Antoni Tàpies - January 14th, 6.30 pm: presentation of Milano Radicale Archive,

Homesession - January 21th, 7 pm: conversation Nuria Güell and Rolando d'Alessandro,

Homesession - January 22th, 7 pm: conversation Domènec and Francesc Abad,

Homesession - January 23th, 7 pm:: conversation Leland Palmer Collective, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga and Andrés García Berrío,

Sala d'Art Jove - March: Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan

Homesession : C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec.

Fundació Antoni Tàpies: C/ Aragó 255. Barcelona. Metro Pg de Gràcia.

Sala d'Art Jove : C/ Calabria, 147. Barcelona. Metro Rocafort


"We can't wait for better times” the book launch party!

we can't wait

We invite you to the "We can't wait for better times” launch party, which celebrates six years of projects and will take place at La Poderosa, in Barcelona.

"We can't wait for better times" features the projects that have been seen from 2007-2012 at Homesession as well as pieces in different formats by curators Quim Pujol and Montse Badia and artist Quim Packard. This book is from now on available HERE.

Its presentation on DECEMBER 7 AT 20H30 will gather artists who are, among other, musical artists: it’s above all a celebration of crossover forms and a of dance as a way to invocate futures:


HushHush HushHush is Christopher Kline, American visual artist based in Berlin and works together with the Venezuelan artist Sol Calero. His work was shown at the exhibition Nogueras Blanchard Case Report, curated by L. Sandoval . Both Christopher and Sol have created also a project space in Kreuzberg, Berlin: Kinderhook & Caracas. The HushHush musical project started in 2010 and achieved an amazing reception, with collaborations in Yeasayer tours and numerous performances all over Germany: it’s not that surprising when you know that HushHush launches promises such as converting the stage in a sort of asexual jelly. You’ll have to come to see and check this.

Norman Bambi Norman Bambi is Luc Jolivet. Luc lives and works in Barcelona. A versatile artist, Norman Bambi imagined in 2007, along with Gangpol & Mit and Mami Chan, the Carton Park interactive show for children. In 2007, he also launched the solo album West of space adventures that happily revisits the Spaghetti Western. He is also the author of an LP in collaboration with the barcelonese project Internet 2: You look good today. His relations with the art scene are such, that they become suspicious. Regarding the jelly he might use, we can only put forward that it’s multicolored. DJ set!

Doza Doza is the name of the musical project of Enrique Doza, a Venezuelan artist and cultural activist based in Barcelona. Photographer, artist, collector of magazines and newspapers, fanzines editor, musician and cultural researcher, Enrique opened in 2006 the Gallery/Workshop Tiendaderecha in Gracia, Barcelona, to encourage and promote the work of creators in drawing, photography and fanzines. He also promises a lot, although he fulfills even more.

Andrea Sham Andrea Sham is a Venezuelan - French DJ based in Barcelona. Adept at crossing musics, rhythms and peculiarities, Andrea surfs between acid funky rarities, tamoul electro cumbia and bulgarian exoticism. She’ll instill her passion for quaint and weird compositions as well as for musical patch-ups on Poderosa’s dancefloor! She promises liquified bodies and dance and massive actions in favor of group hysteria.


NyamNyam will provide us the opportunity to enjoy their creativity thanks to their special catering!


December 7 at 8.30 pm! 4 euros with a free drink. Free ticket with a drink for those who have bought, in pre-sale, an exemplar of We Can't Wait For Better Times.

Event on facebook.

Sunita Prasad. artist talk.

We are glad to invite you to meet Sunita Prasad, artist in residency at Homesession during March and April: she will present her current projects and will show a selection of videos.

Sunita Prasad's projects draw from her research on social histories and multiple publics, while inserting heightened fictional elements or hyperbolized versions back into those histories and communities online and in public space. She has a special interest in works that are activated live and in physical touch. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Sunita is originally from Syracuse NY and received a BFA in Film & TV from New York University and an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her works have been shown in galleries, festivals, and performance venues internationally.

This event is part of the festival Miradas de mujeres.

Artist talk: Saturday, March 16 at 19h
Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers 15. 08004 Barcelona

Save the date: April 19, opening of Sunita's exhibition.

Dynasty, gaps of a continuous. Jessica Salinas

Dynasty, gaps of a continuous, a proposal by Jessica Salinas, investigates the formal codes related to the reproduction mechanisms of social power. The exhibition display combines documents, architectural features and portraits that refers directly to the sociological question of reproduction and to its aesthetic manifestations.

"Using images of portraits in small format paintings profiling specific social key characters, and projecting videos and documents that establish positions of corporate and institutional relationships, Jessica displays models of social reference for established power networks whose engagement strategies can be recognize, as well as the economic and cultural fields where such things happens." (Francisco Benítez. February 2012.)

Opening: March 27, 2013. 7 PM

Homesession C/ Creu dels Molers 15. 08004 Barcelona

exhibition: 27-31 March 2013.

Open during afternoons.

Transitory Observations. Cristián Silva-Avária

Transitory Observations is an exhibition by Cristián Silva-Avária, artist in residence at Homesession in January and February 2013. It consists in a variation on urban forms and signs that the artist has developed in different environments.

Just like the "flânerie" as W. Benjamin understands it, Cristián's art practice combines an analytical observation of the city and an experience of the promenade that relates to both senses and forms. The relation between leisure and work which the "flâneur" features is actually a key point in his projects where he gives a special prominence to the social division of labor that characterizes the postmodern and mass-tourism-focused cities. Based on this dual approach, the exhibition will present photographic and video works that have been developed in Barcelona as well as in other contexts.

Opening: February 22 at 19h30

Exhibition: from 23/02 to 6/03, Wednesday to Saturday from 17h to 19h30

Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers, 15 - Barcelona

See also Laura Marsiaj Gallery (Rio de Janeiro)

"blank, black, back". By Fran Meana

All images and objects in "blank, black, back" are the result of an exchange, a collaboration or a more or less failed negotiation. The exhibition is a game between the continuous decision making, the questioning of authorship as an individual process, the desire to remain open to the unexpected and the need to retain some control. During the exhibition period, new pieces will be added till its closure on 28/11.

Fran Meana (Avilés, 1982) graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo. He currently lives and works in Rotterdam, after studying at the Piet Zwart Institute.

His work explores the forms of power and social rituals, analyzing the relationship between production forms, symbols, images and construction of the collective imagination. He mostly bases on recent events, adding new data, elements of fiction or deliberately erroneous readings, generating new objects, situations or texts.

He has participated in group exhibitions such as "A Map of misreading" in TENT Rotterdam, "Somewhere Else" in Nogueras Blanchard, "First of all" in CA2M Móstoles, "Based on a true story" in the ARTIUM, "Everything is out there" in The Burning House, "89 miles." at MARCO Vigo or "Bringing up knowledge" in the Laboratory 987 MUSAC.

Opening: Friday, November 16, 2012. 19h30.

Open from 16/11 to 30/11/2012, from Wed to Sat, 17h-19h30

C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona.

"Ir y no venir"

"Ir y no venir" (Go and do not come) is an experiment of three Brazilian artists on artistic practice in the current context.

Continue reading...

La Réserve. by Virginie Laganière and Jean-Maxime Dufresne

Virginie Laganiere and Jean-Maxime Dufresne will present on Thursday July 5, La Réserve, a project developed in residence at Homesession. Both artists live and work in Montreal, a city that housed, like Barcelona, ​​several major international events (Olympics Expo'67 and 76): during their stay in Catalonia, they have decided to focus their research on three landmarks of what has been the "Barcelona model" and that are especially relevant when it comes to investigate into the architectural and urbanistic ideology that led to the games of 1992 and the Forum 2004.

With this starting point, Virginie and Jean-Maxime Laganiere Dufresne propose an installation that highlights the reinterpretation of the tales and intentions of the spaces created in these specific contexts, through a writing process within the space by their users. What's at stake is, on one hand, the tension between a desire for narrative control and attempts to open the construction of the landscape toward the possible and, on the other hand, the inevitable drift, inertia or resistance that come over this first intentionality. In this framework, the artists are not only interested by these places because of their status of arrogant sample or ruins of modernity, but by the field of forces that make them up.

La Réserve talks about the conception of certain territories for temporary defined functions, which become, as a result, enclaves for unplanned potentialities, which exceed the power of institutions on the space. The project investigates the ambivalent relationship between measures of control and everyday interactions that represent a permanent critic.

Through documentation, photographs and an installation at Homesession project space, the artists try to "give a form" to the dynamics that cross the selected sites. Working ont its more or less obvious ideological features and its subsequent subversion through use and imaginary, La Réserve is based on the distance between program and contingencies, as well as between plan and time.

The réserve, Installation by Virginie Laganiere and Jean-Maxime Dufresne

Opening, July 5 at 20h

Homesession Studio

C / Creu dels Molers, 15

Metro Poble Sec, Barcelona

Till el 21 de July. from Wed to Sat, from 17h to 19h30.

Augustin Rebetez. After dark & more

Homesession & Elclimamola, two independent arts spaces located in Barcelona, are glad to present jointly a specific project by swiss artist Augustin Rebetez, in the framework of the Videoart Festival Screen from Barcelona and of the Poble Sec independent space circuit, which is organized on May 24th.

Augustin Rebetez will present at Homesession Studio and at Elclimamola an exhibition project based on photography and stop-motion videos, with the premiere of a new video. Twisting narratives and visual connotations through his personal and convulsive sense of humor rather than through a relaxed wittiness, Augustin Rebetez builds a singular visual universe where the recreational feature combines with a rather dark atmosphere.
We encourage you to discover his work during the opening which will take place succesively in both places.

Thursday, May 24th:

19h00 - Homesession Studio: opening primera part exhibition project (photography & video)

21h00 - Elclimamola: opening second part exhibition project (vídeos ; premiere of a new piece) and action by Augustin Rebetez

Homesession Studio: C/ Creu dels Molers, 15. BCN

Elclimamola: C/ Salva 45. BCN

With the collaboration of:

Screen from Barcelona

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Quesos de Suiza

Estrella Damm

PRE-. Collective show


In celebration of our new space, Homesession invites you to attend it's first exhibition, PRE-.

PRE-. is a collective exhibition conceived as a prelude to solo projects that each artist will develop throughout 2012 at homesession. The project formalizes a point of progress, a state prior to the individual proposal, and is intended as a study of possibilities. The format of the exhibition facilitates a dialogue between projects, while simultaneously broadening perspectives and creating autonomous spaces.

Participating artists: Julia Gorostidi, Rafael Castañer, Anamor, Fran Meana, Jordi Ferreiro.

Opening: Thursday 26th of April 7PM homesession's new space: C/ Creu dels Molers, 15, Barcelona, metro Poble Sec The exhibition will also be open from 26/04 to 16/05, wednesday to saturday from 5 to 8 PM

Thanks to: 
Alain Lavigne, Alex Brahim, Anne-Sophie Pinard, Gabrielle Boucher, José Navarro, Mario Páez, Nuria Tobar, Oriol Conesa, Paola Marugán, Veronica Valentini, Xavier Fisselier.


Since we started Homesession in 2007, we curated 15 artist residencies and produced 30 projects, most of them specially conceived for a domestic place, our home. This has been a really exciting and intense experience to live and share.

That's why we're very glad to open a new space in Barcelona, thanks to which we're going to foster and develop the work we've been realizing till now: residencies and specific exhibition projects. We'll go on using our domestic place as an atypical context for art project. Both locations are actually conceived as complementary and offer from now on the opportunity to receive more residents and increase the visibility and support to the barcelonese emergent art scene, as a non-profit project.

The next project and first exhibition in this new space will be a collective show featuring artists from Barcelona. Stay tuned and save the date: Thursday, April 26, Poble Sec area, Barcelona!

Olivier & Jérôme

Camera Locus # 4 by Julien Gardair

The formal work of Julien Gardair radically transcends the materials, cutting and combining them in a practice that merges sculpture, performance and installation, establishing a vivid dialogue between the space and the piece. Camera Locus, Julien Gardair's site-specific installations, explore an abstract material: the light. It applies Julien Gardair's usual processes though, such as cutting, composition and linkages with the space: be it conceived for the former factory of the Invisible Dog art center in New York or for Gallery of the french Gobelins National Manufactory of tapestry, the starting point of each of these installations is an architecturally-significant context. Camera Locus 4 in turn reinvents a singular space, the homesession domestic space, with the same economy of means and adapting itself to the new challenges that this place creates.

We hope we can count on your attendance!

Sunday, 18 of September 2011 at 20:00, - at homesession

photo: Camera Locus #1. Invisible Dog. NY

Carolina Cordeiro @ homesession

Inauguración: viernes 1 de julio a las 20h.
La obra de Carolina Cordeiro, utilizando recursos de perfil bajo y cotidiano, recrea los equilibrios precarios que rigen nuestra condición y la dinámica de nuestras proyecciones. Alejándose de la didáctica tradicional de la representación, cada una de sus piezas desarrolla su particular narración: lo que vemos surge como el punto álgido de una ficción y propone al espectador su reconstrucción decentrada a través de la experiencia sensorial.

videoakt - international videoart biennal

Dear friends,

homesession participates to the second edition of VIDEOAKT, Videoart International Biennial – Barcelona, May 2011, among the celebration of Loop videoart Festival and Fair. We are glad to announce their open call for videoart. A jury of experts will be in charge of the selection and of awarding a video: the winner will receive the AMISTER Art Friendly award granted as in the last edition, by AMiSTER Collection. The prize consists of the purchase of the winner work by the AMISTER Collection, travel, and hotel expenses. Everyone is invited to participate without any limit of age or nationality/residence. The deadline is 15-02-2011 (referential date concided with the stamp). More information:

We warmly invite you to inform you about this event and the bases.

Mariokissme exhibition.

Discover the video and the pictures of the show:

Adam Davis will present his work on Sunday August 22th

Adam Davis will present his work on Sunday August 22th @ homesession (7 PM Barcelona).

Los Angeles based artist Adam Davis explores a variety of themes that goes from body politics to metaphysics. Part of his work tackles with the notion of manifest masculinity, with accepted and expected male behavior or expressions thereof, relating cultural symbolic system and the assets it sustains. The link between masculinity-in-context and social representations has led Adam Davis to deal with the question of structural dominations in the social relations: comparing both cultural and economic domination’s schemes of internalized rejections and fantasies, the artist focuses on the way different kinds of narrations get interwoven and interact mutually.
. Would metaphysics be a better field for universality and permanence? Adam Davis’ recent works question the representations, aspirations and values given to a possible experience beyond the physical universe. With this new perspectives that certainly enlighten the most melancholic features of his works, Adam Davis goes on working and language and its structures as well as the most ethereal aspects of our fantasies.

Adam Davis, 12th resident at homesession, will present the guidelines of his works as well as the recent developments he’s been working on at Makan Project Residency (Amman, Jordan) and homesession.

Please confirm assistance by email, due to limited space.

Artist Joao Torres at Can Felipa Civic Center, Barcelona.

Danilo Pioli and homesession present visual artist Joao Torres at Can Felipa Civic Center, Barcelona. Opening of the photography exhibition and first screening, in the presence of the artist Thursday 3rd of June 2010 at 7:30 PM

more info :

Can Felipa from 3/06/2010 to 16/07/2010 c/Pallars, Nº277 08005 Barcelona Tel. 932 563 840 opening time: from tuesday to friday : 5 to 9 PM saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM; sunday and monday, closed